Friday, 14 December 2012

Two Turtle Doves

We apologize for the interruption in yesterday's program of "Twelve Days of Christmas Posts" but I don't really have a good excuse except CHRISTMAS IS NOW ONLY 10 DAYS AWAY. 

Ahem.  I'm fine.

We really went out on advent this year.  Counting down to the big day!  

We have this excellent app from the National Film Board where kids can see a new animated short film each day.

My Mom very sweetly sent out calendars for the girls.  The old school kind like we had, none of this Spiderman/Princess chocolate randomness.  Good old fashioned paper, maybe with sparkles.

Except Liliane's has stickers for each day. 
 She likes it.

And then we have this going on.   SOMEBODY (rhymes with Zephane) got an early birthday present and has been playing with it every day since.  Literally.  (Thanks again, Mom!)

And our old favourite, the advent calendar we bought when Liliane was a baby.  Here it is, circa 2008:

Awwww, mini Liliane! 

There are 24 little books and once you read the day's little story, to the tree it goes.  The girls have a mini tree with lights in their room just for this purpose. 

I was the only one without an advent option until our friend Ariel sent me this online calendar and I had so much fun with it that I immediately bought this online calendar also.  TA DA! You can't turn a corner around here without a visible reminder to how very few days are left. But don't panic! 

Seriously, for the Moms they should invent an advent calendar with WINE.  Like everyday you get a new sample that you can drink slowly after dinner and not freak out.  I'm going to get on inventing that!  
But after Christmas!

Which reminds me, I have to go now, my TO DO list is about to eat the kitchen.

What kind of advent traditions do you have at your house?  

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