Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Holiday Moose Demands A Sacrifice

 Hey kids, come and decorate the Christmas antlers! Don't be scared, it's the Christmas Bull! 
Glaring down at you with his red head and freakishly huge horns. Mwah ha ha ha.

This part is actually cute.  I like the baubles and streamers. Nice use of almost-traditional Christmas colours, too!  

But honestly.  For the love of eggnog, what about a mounted moose (reindeer?) head (albeit a DECORATED and SPARKLY mounted moose head) says Happy Holidays, Shoppers!  ?

A hunting equipment tie-in perhaps? A promotion for taxidermy? (the olde-tyme hobby that is good, clean, family fun!) A subtle warning that Santa is not to be trifled with?

Points  awarded for not using orange and keeping the decorations near the ground a little more... lighthearted.

Is anyone else noticing a theme here?  What's the decor like in your favourite mall?

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