Saturday, 15 December 2012


THREE FRENCH HENS: The Piercy Arbour Family Story

O Christmas tree!  O Christmas tree!  My husband would like to forget thee!

 No, not entirely true.  He would much prefer a tasteful artificial tree that we put together from a box instead of a messy real tree that we have to bring home.  The needles!  The needles!

This girl is very enthusiastic about choosing a real tree.  We learned that she is NOT enthusiastic about candy canes about ten seconds after this photo was taken.

But then I heard about this beautiful species called the Fraser and our tree-buying experience has improved dramatically. And expensively, but worthwhile-ly.  

 Oh, and they deliver!  
Yes friends, we had our Christmas tree delivered to us for FIVE DOLLARS.  
And that is why I am still married.  Thanks to Christmas tree delivery.

It comes to the house looking like this:

Once the plastic and string are off, it starts to look like this:

So by the next day, you're ready to glitz that baby up.

TA DA!  

Actually I added garland and tinsel since I took this but you get the idea. 

I wish you could smell it!  Heavenly.  And nary a needle in sight.

Nine days to go! 

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Maguiresaunt said...

The picture of Stephane lifting Liliane to put the star on the tree is lovely!

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