Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mother's Day Rocks Plus Movie-Inspired Cuisine

I embarked on a new culinary adventure on Saturday thanks to my pal Rachael Ray (we're soon to be best friends but she just doesn't know it) and made this Ratatouille recipe based on the one from the super cute movie of the same name. Remember? It came out last summer? I saw in it NYC with my SIL Bari on a super warm day in July when I was pregnant enough to think that sitting in a cool dark movie theatre for a couple of hours would be more fun than shopping in my favourite town.
Here is the ratatouille from the movie:
Fancy, right? It makes the evil food critic swoon.
Here is the RR version before cooking:
But hang on to your tastebuds people and get ready to mop up the keyboard, here it is fresh out of the oven:
Yeah, it was good. Really good. And did I mention ridiculously easy? But please don't tell my future dinner party guests.
So that was Saturday.
Sunday was of course Mother's Day! My first one and what a treat! I got flowers:

We got dressed up for church:

After church we went out for brunch and sat outside in the sunshine. (No photos but believe me when I tell you it was beautiful). Then came home and took a whole bunch of Maman-baby pix:

I loved every minute of it. Even when I was doing laundry later on, I was still having fun. I took these of Liliane mainly because her footie PJs totally match the Bumbo:
The fun continued yesterday because my Mom sent me a prezzie (awesome baby/toddler cookbook) and Matthew and Bari sent me a card, too! I also got phonecalls and text messages and lots of best wishes from people we ran into. An excellent, excellent club to join. The initiation is a little rough, but overall worthwhile ;)
Liliane and I had lunch with the gang at the office yesterday as well and last night I got to go out with my pal Brigitte to the premiere of this movie. Stéphane sweetly offered to stay home so I could take a night off. That's two Mondays in a row! Had a fantastic time, wore some high heels, ate decadent brownie dessert and stayed out way too late. Merci mon amour!
That's about it for us... Feeling a little lazy today (what a surprise!) so we'll be taking it easy... I think we will go buy Liliane some breadsticks to gnaw on plus I need more sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. Turkey breast is on the menu! (This recipe if you're interested. It's delish.) I can also sign us up for that summer camp thingy starting today but I'm waffling on that. We'll wander over there and check it out.
Back to my day job now.

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Bari said...

Wow! Fun day! I think we are both officially obsessed with Martha's recipes lately. Last night I made this Indian spiced chicken from the everyday food cookbook (do i ever use anything else?) and it was delish! If my day isn't too crazy I'll post some pics. I think you should definitely do the summer camp thing or something like it. It would be good to get miss thing social before she's forced to do it all the time. Plus you might have a little fun too ;)

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