Friday, 9 May 2008

Babies and Food, Good Times

This is what happened a couple of days ago when I put a little bit of mashed banana (as opposed to puree) in with Liliane's morning cereal:

Gag, cough, choke.

Stop making me try new stuff for breakfast! I'm not a morning baby!

I will now bring up that foul banana by gagging myself with a spoon. Literally.

After the mashed banana fiasco, I got out the peaches and life was much, much better.

As long as she has a wet washcloth to suck on, it's all good.

I took this last week, Ellen-style, because my lunch was so yummy looking, I deemed it photo-worthy. And not only photo-worthy but now blog-worthy! Isn't it fun? Leftover rice, avacado, ham and some of those amazing mini red peppers that we discovered at Bari's birthday party although these ones are stuffed with CHEESE. Delish.

Don't be jealous loyal readers, believe me, my lunches rarely look this good.

Liliane looks like she might be hosting Masterpiece Theatre or something with this pose. Or kinda like Winston Churchill, no?

This is her "studiously ignoring Maman face."

She often fixates on something just in that direction which we don't understand because the view from her chair isn't that exciting:

Now we're having fun:

Hello dimples!

And hilarity ensued!

This is her new toy that Papa got her. His name is Vanilla because he's a vanilla scented/flavoured rubber giraffe for teething. She really loves him.

Just a little off the top, please.

Spring is coming to my town at last. I took these from the living room window:

And my first Mother's Day card! From my neighborhood Mother's Group.

Speaking of groups, we did go to baby massage class on Tuesday. It was OK. As one of my friends observed: "you're not into the group activities much are you?" Sadly, I think he's right. If it was a group of my friends who were interrupting the long-winded massage therapist with INTERESTING anecdotes and questions, I would enjoy that. Hanging out with a bunch of mothers and babies that I don't know is just sort of annoying. I'm not an anti-social kind of person, I just don't have patience I guess. Liliane was super excited to be surrounded by so many people and noisy babies that she was extra wiggly but I learned some kinda cool stuff.

This is making me rethink my plan for signing us up for a summer camp with a bunch of other parents and kids this summer. The idea is that we all meet up for a week in July and do different activities together: go to the park, the zoo, etc. I think I should just suck it up and go for it so Liliane gets exposure to other babies (and their germs) before getting tossed into daycare in a few months. And when I say tossed, I mean lovingly placed while I go back to work and don't cry all way to the office every day. Yes, that's it.


mom said...

Are those lilacs?!?! And you can see them from your window?! Lucky girl!
Such sweet pics! I really like the yucky face ones for some reason - I think she looks a little more Thomassen in those... And combing the giraffe - too cute!

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to get some cute little bows and barrets into that gorgeous hair of hers!!

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