Thursday, 22 May 2008

Auntie Jen is Here!

My sister the Baby Guru arrived yesterday and while our whole household is so happy that she's here, one of us is particularly joyful:

Can you guess who?

She not only has answers to any baby question I could ever have, she got Liliane a Jolly Jumper!

Our first order of business this morning was to get a haircut. If you think I have a lot of premature white hair, you have never met my younger sister... These are the after pictures:

Tomorrow Jen is getting a new tattoo and we also have pedicure appointments. If that wasn't enough, Stéphane and I get to go out on a date and see Indiana Jones! If only she didn't have that husband and adorable five children I might convince her to move in...

My big baptism TO DO list is almost all done, it's all coming together. I have added extra cupcakes to my original order not once, but twice now but I think we're good.

Off to watch a DVD and eat chocolate. Love having my sister here :)


auntie b said...

Pretty sisters! Matthew is getting his haircut tomorrow - we must get a freshly shorn sibling photo. See you soon!

Shawna said...

so fun - your hairs look great!

what fun to have a sister.

You must update after the tatty and pedi!

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