Saturday, 17 May 2008

Bath Bunny

I am totally overwhelmed with my huge list of things to do for the big baptism next weekend, my sister the Baby Guru's arrival on Wednesday, Matthew and Bari coming on Saturday, a translation I promised I would do by the end of next week, Eric and Tina's wedding video that we so wanted to have done for their one-year anniversary (which is on Monday so it's not looking good...) and the list goes on.

Since Stéphane and Liliane are both snoozing at the moment, I thought, "Hey, stop stress eating for a minute and let's post pictures of Liliane and her bunny towel from last night."

I'm already feeling more relaxed...

She reminds me of my brother Matthew when he was a baby in this one...

Oh how I love her and that big gummy grin!
Seriously. As much as the first three months of motherhood were all about sleep deprivation, hormones and anxiety, the last few months have been really special. While I could never have predicted how hard it is to suddenly be in charge of a newborn, I had NO IDEA how much love my heart could hold for one wriggly, squawky bundle of joy. Yep, pure joy. And who knew that we were going to laugh so much? (Besides all you other parents out there :)
To heck with the list, when my two lovebugs wake up, we're heading for the park.

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