Monday, 5 May 2008


After spending Saturday hard at work on Eric and Tina's wedding video (getting there, slowly but surely!) and watching a sad, sad hockey game (better luck next year Habs fans), we took Sunday off to visit our nation's capital. We were daytripping for a few reasons: to see the tulips blooming at the annual Canadian Tulip Festival, to celebrate my friend Deb's birthday and see her new house. Sadly we didn't take any pictures of Deb and Doug but believe me when I say that their home is lovely, Deb's cat Cooper is cuddly, she liked her birthday gift and we ate very, very well.

From Deb's place we went downtown to meet up with Nathalie, Christian and Jonathan in front of the Parliament buildings. Jonathan had his skateboard with him so I caught a couple of his cool (gnarly? wicked? I'm not down with the skateboard lingo...) moves:

This is what he looks like when he's NOT on a skateboard:

We walked around the Parliament buldings and played tourist, snapping pictures at every turn. When we spotted this real live RCMP officer I couldn't resist:

When Christian and Jonathan spotted this sculpture, THEY couldn't resist:

While the tulip selection was not as spectacular as we thought it would be, we enjoyed showing the springy blooms to Liliane and taking about 8000 pictures...

And then the sun came out...
Stéphane took this, my new favourite picture:
Wow, a shot of just the two of us... sorry folks.
Liliane with her godmother:

I also didn't take photos of the spectacular BBQ steak dinner that we had after this at Nathalie and Christian's house in Gatineau. Our first BBQ of the season and it was fantastic! We finally packed up and headed for home around 9:30 and were safely in bed by around 12:30 or so. Liliane slept all the way, woke up for a bottle when we got home then drifted off into tulippy dreamland shortly thereafter.
Kinda makes regular life (even slacker mat-leave regular life) seem a little boring... Although it's after twelve noon and I'm still in my PJs so I'm really not complaining. Just looking forward to our next trip, whatever it is.
On today's schedule: getting groceries, we need more coffee from the café on the corner and I need to find an affordable (ie - one I can get at the drugstore) mascara that doesn't flake. Does such a product exist?
Tonight I get to sneak off for dinner with a gang of my former Galafilm colleagues so not only will I get to shower today, I get to even dress up a little AND have adult conversations with other ladies! Wahoo! Tomorrow morning Liliane and I have our baby massage class so I'll let you know how that goes.
Happy Monday everyone!


Bari said...

TP - I use this (color girl lash exact). i like it cause the wandy thing is bendy plastic and not bristles. it seems less yukky. You need new every 6 mos so that could be the prob with your current mascara too.

Jennifer said...

cutest baby ever!! Can't wait to get some quality snuggling in!!

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