Friday, 20 January 2012

Clever Title - FAIL

I seriously spent a good ten minutes trying to think of a punny title using TEETH but I'm giving up.  

Sorry. It's her fault.
Who, me? The world's easiest baby? Surely you jest.

Or I should say, the TEETH's fault.
2 down, 18 to go! (*sob*) 
Gaze into my eyes as I beguile you with my ridiculously long eyelashes...  Who needs sleep?

We are currently working on the perfect homeopathic-teething-liquid/Tylenol/Advil cocktail so that Maman over here gets at least three hours of shut-eye in a row. Last night we were down to 2 wake-ups instead of 4 so I call that a WIN.

In other exciting news, Liliane split her lip open last night! Poor kid. WAIT- before you rev up the sympathy clucks, note that she injured herself while flopping in the throes of a freak-out because we wouldn't turn on yet another light in her room. One we have NEVER turned on for her before.  It was all fine, lots of blood but she's A-OK. And bonus - husband turned it into a lesson!  The consequences for having a meltdown and not listening to your parents WILL MAKE YOU BLEED. Or something like that. She got it and once we fixed up her Diego doll who had also apparently hurt his lip, she was out like a light.  Ha ha - get it? Light? That we did NOT turn on, blood be darned. Parents: 2 for 2.

And yes, call me Mommy Dearest, but I sent her to daycare today anyway. Hey - this blog won't write itself plus having her here would seriously cut into my lounging-on-the-couch-eating-bon-bons-and-watching-soaps time.

HAHA. Although that does sound like fun.

Oh and our fridge is dripping. Only on the inside, but I'm thinking that the vegetables drawers aren't meant to be floating. Sigh.  But wait!  Did I mention the weirdo rash I have on the inside of my left wrist? Nowhere else, only there. An allergy to small babies with button noses who like to use me as a human pacifier all night long? Sounds about right.

But the good news is that we're all otherwise healthy, Stéphane and I are officially addicted to The Walking Dead (yay Netflix!), it's Friday and we have a fun-filled weekend ahead of us. A weekend that includes a trip to Ikea which will hopefully not end like the last one. Although in my defense I was pregnant last time. Hmmmm... already working on my excuse for bad behaviour for this trip - lack of sleep perhaps?

Happy Weekend everybody!


Vanessa Z. said...

Well, you may not have a whitty title, but the post is FAN-TASTIC! Love that little lady and those baby blues... so adorable. Hope she gets back to her sleepy self soon!

Jennifer said...

remember when I told you about the walking dead?? I tried to describe its goodness and couldn't lol!!! Glad you're watching it now!

Theresa said...

Yes, kind of? I think so? It's weird because the whole end-of-the-world thing usually freaks me out but I don't know, it's so much fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

"The consequences for having a meltdown and not listening to your parents WILL MAKE YOU BLEED."'re going re-visit that lesson before she hits puberty, right...?


Shawna said...

that's an awesome post, full of life and I LIKE it!

oh and we're suckers for the Walking Dead...super great - can't wait for February ;)

Carolee said...

How about 'Teething Bites!' :o)

Fun post. Sorry to hear about your lovely fridge; I'm sure it's something minor that an overpriced plumber can fix in five minutes and still charge you the hour minimum.

LOVE the second pic! She'll be ready for steak in no time.

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