Thursday, 5 January 2012

Of Pyjamas and Prunes

DAY. INT. - Grandma's Living Room.

Pink snowman pyjama-clad 4 year old lounges on the couch watching Thumbelina on the iPad. Her similarly pyjama-ed mother is curled up beside her, alternately checking Facebook and reading a book while sipping coffee.  Husband is away at London Drugs and the baby is asleep. A last round of Christmas music plays softly on the stereo even though it's well into the new year.  

(contented sigh)

4 Y.O.
(contented sigh)


Yep, we're still on vacation and I am soaking up every lazy, relaxing moment. I am relishing each day that I don't have to be anywhere at any time or bundle two kids up for minus 25 degree weather. 

Rest. What a treat.

Alice and I aren't getting a lot of sleep per se due to her NEW TOOTH and newfound habit of waking up twice a night to feed. Suffice it to say that I have finally mastered the lying down/dozing off position for nursing. I didn't really have time for it when she was first born since she started sleeping through the night so darn early....  Ha ha, cry me a river. I know.  Sorry.

True to form, the teething version of Alice is only a little droolier and occasionally crankier than her regular "easiest baby EVER" self.  As my Mom commented this morning, she is the perfect size for snuggling so she gets a lot of that from her west coast family.

On the subject of milestones, she turned over all by herself on Christmas Day. We're still working on sitting up without faceplanting but she's almost there.

She has also started eating a couple of different cereals, loves sweet potato, banana, peaches and now prunes. Her introduction to solid food was a little haphazard (hey, try this banana that I'm eating and see if you like it!) but we're settling into a sort-of routine.

And Liliane, LILIANE. We all had a rough first week or so (thank you jet lag + random cold germs) but she has completely adjusted to our new "schedule" of spending most of the day in pyjamas and doing fun stuff like going to the Aquarium or Science World and hanging out with family and friends.  She's had the best time with all her cousins and bonding with her Auntie Jaime. I overheard her teaching my Mom words in French and asking my Dad to speak to her in English please. She's at the perfect age to enjoy all the magic of the season and she only recently stopped asking me if we were going to open more presents today.

Speaking of which, I may need to buy an extra seat on the plane to go home to accommodate my beeeehind. Hoo boy! This year I didn't come across a single Christmas cookie or mince tart I didn't immediately stuff into my treat hole.   I'd have to be breastfeeding quintuplets to make a dent in my daily calorie intake. 

Sorry, no pictures to share right now because my camera is all the way upstaaaiiirs and as you know, I'm here, all comfy on the couch. 

Back to the East Coast next week where normal, haphazard, hopefully 3 x per week blog posting will resume. 

In the meantime, happy, happy New Year everybody!

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Carolee said...

Yes, it was lovely but now it's time to shake off the jet lag and put up a new post. I miss all of you!

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