Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Baby is Trying to Kill Me (Ha ha just kidding - HELP)

So the world's easiest baby has her two front teeth and I sure hope she's working on a lot more because this waking up three times a night to feed and be cuddled is not working for my, you know, MENTAL HEALTH.

Yeah, go ahead. Laugh all you want. Pretend to be sympathetic but I know you are secretly gleeful that the baby who started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks is actually now sleeping less than your average crankypants newborn. And possibly breastfeeding more. It's OK. Checks and balances, checks and balances.

So anyway, baby issues aside, we got back last week and have been busy overcoming jetlag (3 hours, just enough to junk everybody up) and doing laundry and putting away decorations and dealing with all the new stuff that needs a home now THANK YOU PÈRE NOËL. Oh and can I just say that coming from plus 10 degree weather to snow snow snow and heck yeah, it's COLD HERE is not easy.  

We took this picture the day before we came home. It was GORGEOUS. Now of course Vancouver is covered with snow so looks like we got out just in time but it's nothing like the Winter Wonderland we have goin' on out here.  

Somewhere in there I managed to load my 700+ pictures and picked this one to share with y'all:

These are the matchy-matchy PJs that all the cousins got this year and Liliane wore hers 24/7.  She wore them on the plane to come home, she wears them every night to bed.  I will post the obligatory "all cousins in their Christmas PJs" photo as soon as I can find it.

So that's it. I'm still here and really REALLY looking forward to finding a rhythm again that doesn't involve me mainlining caffeine to stay conscious not to mention actually WRITE something.

If I'm not back by next week, send in the Marines. Preferably with supplies of Tylenol and espresso.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

L♥ve your post... as always :)
Glad to know you're back, and safe; and looking forward to catch up with you on Feb the 18th @ Iza's get together :)
Cynthia & Béatrice & Clémence.

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