Thursday, 2 February 2012

Since My Last Post...

Number of:

Crappy sleeps: 158493
Espressos consumed thanks to Alejandro: 158493

Parental discussions regarding sleep: NOT ENOUGH (update: we are now formulating a plan)

Dinner parties: 4

Recipes made for guests:
Chicken Spaghetti
Perfect Pot Roast
Grapefruit Yogurt Cake  
Roasted Mushrooms 
Almond Biscotti 
Pavlova with Lemon Curd

New wines tasted: 1 (delish BTW)
Bottles consumed: 2


Visits to Ikea: 1
Disagreements at Ikea: 1
Cranky wives: 1
Furniture assembled: 1

Visits to Home Depot: 1
New chandeliers installed:1
Incredibly happy wives: 1

Times we thought we might have to call the fire dept: 1 (don't ask)

Inches of snow: 12+
Inches of ice rain: TOO MANY

Dance classes: 3
Playdates: 3
Sickness after playdates: 1
First attempts at ice-skating: 1 (yay Liliane!)

Babies that turned 6 months old: 1

Days at home with both kids because it's crappy outside: 3 
Days I thought I might just have to throw in the towel: 3 (SAHMoms, HOW DO YOU DO IT?)

Times I desperately wanted to blog but was too tizzzrrrrffffarg: STOPPED COUNTING

Also - fridge is now repaired (nothing $139 couldn't fix!) and we have now watched ALL the episodes of The Walking Dead that are available and are dying for the rest of the season to start later this month. Ha ha, get it? DYING. Like ZOMBIES.  Never mind. 

Trying to keep my head above water these days (translation: trying not to go crazy and take the rest of the family with me) so sadly I don't get to blog the 3 days/week I badly wanted to. 

But check back for more news about how the whole sleep thing is going! In short, Alice has discovered the joy of waking up at night and Hey! Look! Boobs! I'll just get me a quick milky snack before going back to sleep. Rinse, repeat EVERY TWO OR SO HOURS. HELP.

In the last 4.5 years we have discovered that so much of parenting is about what you are willing to put up with. What your own personal limits are and which hills you are willing to die on.  So while I admire those hippies Moms who can tough out this not-sleeping phase, it turns out I'm not so good at it.  Aside from the sleep deprivation, there is the whole specter of PPD hanging over my head, (for the record: I AM OK - no need to worry) so sleep training begins this weekend. I think we'll set up Liliane in the sofa bed (Look! Just like a sleepover! Only with more crying babies!) and just go for it. 

Thanks to Facebook friends,  we have lots of suggestions and encouragement. And yes, I will make sure she has been well fed (3 meals a day now thank you very much plus an extra cereal before bed if Maman is organized) and dosed with Tylenol if I think her teeth are acting up. 

More suggestions are welcome!

Back (and hopefully rested) soon.

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Shawna said...

CRAZY///Life is CRAZY///but you will survive and continue to find happiness in the littlest things! LoveLoveLove!

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