Monday, 12 December 2011

Merry, We Made It

I don't have any pictures of the stocking-opening or the general hysteria over Santa's cookie and milk consumption (not to mention Rudolph's teeth marks in the carrots we left out) but picture a lot of jumping around.  It was exciting.

Hero husband went out for fresh bagels and fancy chocolate and cranberry brioche for our Christmas breakfast. Liliane ate an entire plate of fresh berries and could not finish her bagel due to the proximity of so many unopened presents. She did well, bless her little heart, but the stress was too much. 

I fulfilled my parental role by relishing every single bite of my breakfast then suggesting that maybe before we open any gifts we should perhaps do some cleaning? Take a walk maybe?  

The BEFORE picture. They are all blurry since it is physically impossible for a 4 year old to not wiggle. It's a scientific fact.

Each person took a turn opening and she was as excited about handing out presents to everyone as she was about opening her own. So cute. 

"Hey Alice! How do you feel about drinking formula?"

The bouncer went over well.  Anybody else remember those? The hippety hop was the hottest toy in my kindergarten class, no question. Now they are called bouncers. And they have princesses on them.

Whatever. The effect is the same.

And the grand finale: Cinderella carriage. 

All good.

I was very, very spoiled. 

Say hello to my new baby. I call him... ALEJANDRO. 

(I realize this makes no sense because it's a French-made, Italian espresso maker but IT'S MY ESPRESSO MACHINE AND I CAN FANTASY-NAME IT WHATEVER I WANT TO)

Bonjour, lover.

You are so very, very handsome.

And you make my morning so much better with your powerful steam, gorgeous crema and cozy little cup warmer. 

Sorry Bodum, I love you too, but Alejandro will be ringing my bell until further notice.

Stéphane got me an espresso maker (among many other excellent treats) and I got him these:

Darth Vader light sabre chopsticks. AND I got him the blue Luke Skywalker chopsticks.  I know. Almost as good as Alejandro! (OK I also got him some clothes AND a very fancy sleep mask which is really like giving the gift of GOOD SLEEP which is priceless, don't you agree?)

Can you tell which one of us is on a maternity leave budget?

ANYWAY, all this to say that we had an excellent early Christmas. Am now focusing on packing up to head out to BC. 

Also stockpiling tranquilizers for our first two-child, cross-country flight. Ha ha. NO, REALLY.

Happy Monday everybody!

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