Monday, 5 December 2011


There are many, many reasons for loving the Arbour Clan Christmas Brunch. 

The food. Obviously.

Family! They really are a photogenic bunch:

 My table decoration. Fresh flowers and red berries just make me so.... HAPPY.

 The gift exchange!  Once your name has been drawn...

 you choose a present OR swipe someone else's.
 Hilarity ensues.

 We all got great stuff.

As per usual, Liliane was indifferent to the whole thing.

Alice slept through most of it, but made an appearance to wow everyone with her mad snuggling skillz:

Plus I didn't even have to clean up!

Once everyone went home, we girls had some self-portrait fun:

Liliane got lots of great presents (wow, what a difference a year makes, this year she is obsessed with presents, presents, when do we open the presents presents presents aaarrrrgfgggghhhh) but her favourite (at least right now) was this Rapunzel doll.

So guess which movie we watched? AGAIN?

And that's a wrap on the semi-annual Arbour Family Christmas Brunch.  Thanks for coming everybody! And leaving my kitchen so clean!


b said...

I love the smiling arbours! and the self protraits. and alice's booties that i got her!!!! maybe ill have to pick up a fleece pair for cmas??? its all asher wore that whole winter. really handy having a same season baby - its so easy to remember stuff.

Vanessa Z. said...

Awesome!!! That makes me feel more Christmas-y already!! I love Alice's hair... very fashionable. I'm glad that November wasn't the end of the blog posts... these are fabulous.

Theresa said...

@Bari: Oh YES PLEASE. We loves the booteeez!
@Vanessa: That is so nice of you to say - I find she is channelling a bit of a Hitler-style combover. I hope to hide it soon with some kind of hair decoration...

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure to clean up. Thank you, we had a good brunch and fun. I hope my English it's good! Have à nice day. Your sister-in-law Danielle

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