Thursday, 1 December 2011

Friday Favourite: Fancy Lettuce

After last week I thought it was time to concentrate on a different kind of delicious, actually good-for-you kind of food. 

Do you remember the original story of Rapunzel? A pregnant woman has such a strong craving for her neighbour's lettuce that she sent her husband over the fence to steal some for her. It was so delicious that she absolutely had to have more. When dutiful hubby went back to pinch another head, he got nailed by the neighbour.   Unfortunately for them, their neighbour with the green thumb also happened to be a big-time enchantress.  Her punishment for eating her lettuce? They had to give her their child so she could raise it.   

That must have been some freaking good salad.

ANYWAY, all this to say that when I saw this lettuce at the store, the story of Rapunzel's poor pregnant mother sprang to mind.  It was always a mystery to me how someone could actually crave something as lame as lettuce, but now that I'm older and have been through two crave-heavy pregnancies, I kinda get it.

It's Tanimura and Antle Artisan lettuce and not only is it pretty, but it keeps FOREVER. Plus you get different varieties that you maybe wouldn't ordinarily buy in your little container. So much better than the pre-bagged or boxed spring mix that gets slimy in no time.

I get mine at IGA and I think the one with four varieties cost me about $2.50 last time. But maybe it was on sale?

So if you like salad but are a little bored with iceberg or romaine, check it out.   Or if you overdosed on mini chocolate enrobed cheesecake bites, this is the perfect antidote!

Happy Friday everybody! 

Big family brunch tomorrow, wish me luck.


Mark Landmann said...

I've never even heard of that. Looks fancy!

b said...

HAHAHA you blogged about lettuce. and you didnt even have to. oddly, i dont think they have it here but it looks delish! my fave lettuce is butter lettuce, i cannot get enough. if i never see another mixed green in my life i will be pleased.

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