Friday, 6 November 2009

Twenty-Four Little Hours

Look familiar? The glassy stare, the PJs?

Oh yes, it's PJ Day #2! Which seems a lot like PJ Day #1 (see yesterday's post) but I assure my friends, it's not.

This photo of a lively, animated child has been brought to you by... SLEEP! And our other sponsor, ANTIBIOTICS!

I also included this pic because it captures Liliane's new habit of pointing with her little finger. I think I had a math teacher who did that once. Next she'll be begging me for chalk, a dusty sweater vest and a protractor.

Surprise! Toy Story. Again. (Or Toy Toych as it's known in our house.)

Buzz Liliane! I say that to her every morning when she "flies" up the stairs to her waiting "spaceship." To daycare... and beyond! Now whenever she sees Buzz, he's Buzz Liliane. Sorry buddy.

So she is doing really a lot better. Only one wake-up around midnight for a Motrin refill and then not a peep until 8:30 this morning. I am giddy from being so refreshed! I forgot what it was like to not have a stabbing headache and/or intense need to eat sugar and/or desperation to close my sand-filled eyes, just for a minute.

Today is also different because not only are we CLEAN (yesterday, not so much), we've already been outside to get groceries. And with all of this extra energy I organized all my Everyday Food issues by month so I can actually maybe find something without tearing the whole cupboard apart. And I am aiming to make this recipe which has been haunting me thanks to my SIL's post about Trader Joe's sea salt brownies.

Although we are not blessed with a Trader Joe's in this neck 'o the woods and even though I was forced to weigh myself the other day at the doctor's office with Liliane (doctor's ingenious plan) and what I saw there should not only shock and dismay me, but make me flee screaming from recipes that include butter, my rapidly expanding mid-section and I did a little research and found a recipe online.

Oh yes I did and I am going to give them a try this weekend because you know why?
Somebody on the Trader Joe's website actually commented that these brownies are perfect for people who put M&Ms in their popcorn. That is so ME ! I do that! I LOVE the whole sweet and salty combo. Besides, life is too short my friends. I'll be better behaved next week-ish.

Speaking of sweet and salty, I also credit my SIL for bringing me the bacon chocolate bar experience. That one is pretty high up on the food shame list, but so worth it.

Thanks for your comments re: Christmas shindig idea. I'll round up a few more people and try to determine if before or after Christmas works better. Maybe I'll whip up a batch of sea-salt brownies for the occasion :)


auntie B said...

know what's sad - those brownies are long gone (i brought them to moms group!) and the thought crossed my mind to make salty brownies today too. I am still blessed with the "I have a kid who wakes up 3x a night so i need sugar" situation. Plus I'm eating for 2. I think you should make them as a trial run for the par-tay.
glad Liliane is feeling better!! too bad you don't live closer, we could have a family PJ day :)

Vanessa Zacharias said...

OH WOW! I love you so much more on SO many levels... let me explain.
A) You are also a Toy Story ADDICT.
B) You read Everyday Food, my new obsession.
c) I put chocolate chips in my popcorn and hy hubby thinks that I am insane... I think not!

Love it! Looks like a good pj day... you're out of the bedroom so that is a plus!

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter - I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Count yourself lucky if she actually accepts medication. We have had to resort to mixing antibiotics with chocolate syrup, cake, ice cream, etc. to get our sons to take medicine.

And if we dare try saline spray to clear their nasal passages and prevent ear infections? Total mutiny!

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