Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Food Shame and Blog News! Plus Polanski Rant...

You know what I'm talking about, I know you do. When you must feed that sweet tooth and it doesn't matter if your poison has both Pillsbury crescent roll dough AND Mountain Dew as two of the ingedients? That's what I call food shame. And friends, I am feeling the food shame.

As I tweeted earlier, I made these tonight:

Thank you for bringing the Food Shame to my house Pioneer Woman!

And yes, Pillsbury crescent rolls and Mountain Dew are indeed two of the ingredients. The other ingredients? Butter. HALF A POUND OF BUTTER. Like buy a brick of butter at the store, go home, cut it IN HALF, melt it down and pour it all over the pan. It might have been faster to simply staple some cellulite to my thighs, but it sure wouldn't have tasted as good.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you. FYI - they taste kind of like McDonald's apple pie... but with butter. Awesome. Embarassing, but awesome.

Now, on to the good news!

I have invited my sister, the Baby Guru to be a guest blogger here on No Place Like Home! She started her own blog ages ago and recently had to put it aside due to her busy life being a mother to FIVE KIDS. Yep, FIVE. Her oldest is 7, her youngest is 2 and she is WAAAYYY smarter than me when it comes to parenting. I wanted to give her a place to post some of the cool stuff she's got going on with her multi-talented family without the stress of running her own blog. Plus she can share some of her parenting tricks with you directly instead of me just simply stealing her ideas and passing them off as my own. Not that I would do that. Very much.
Oh and did I mention that she is my little sister? She just turned 28 last month.

Here she is with Baby #2. I gave up on all their names ages ago. Just kidding!

The whole brood. Their photogenic powers could kill you. Thankfully they only use it for good.
So that's the news. Her first post will be on Friday. ('kay Jen?) Just in time to kick off Thanksgiving weekend!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I would be so THANKFUL to have some more Twitter followers. It's super easy to sign up (see the convenient link at the top of this page) and it would frankly be a nice boost to my online ego.
ALSO - anyone out there with more party suggestions for Liliane's 2nd birthday, please comment. Again, I will be ever so thankful and I really appreciate the advice I have received so far!
I feel I must say that if you think Roman Polanski should be above the law because so much time has gone by and/or he's made some great movies, I will slap you. And then while you're standing there gaping at me and my crazy eyes I will slap you again and order you to take FIVE MINUTES to Google the details of what actually happened to that 13-year old girl before opening your fool mouth.
OK, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I know I'm pretty much preaching to the choir as I doubt any regular NPLH readers would disagree with me. Still, I felt the need to be clear about that. Phewf.


susan said...

I'm so glad to hear that your sister is going to be a "guest" blogger - I've missed her!
And the guilt...oh lady have I ever been there! But good choice in recipes they looked dang time just make it, enjoy the aroma & then send them to me! ;-)
(Did I mention I made fudge yesterday? Yes, chocolate-fatty fatterson fudge! (actually is basically ALL sugar & a bit of butter.) I say I made if for my hubby but that hasn't stopped me from indulging...a wee bit!)
Oh the guilt...the guilt!!

Cheryl H. said...

The picture of the object of your food shame looks WONDERFUL! I'm going to try and ignore it and not even attempt to make it... no, not me! But, alas, I am thinking of making a layered Pumpkin Cheesecake this weekend, so I might also be able to lean up against the wall of food shame :)

As for Polanski... don't get me wrong, he admitted to the act (crime) and there is no doubt that he is guilty (nor is he denying it, if I understand it correctly). But, I'm also going to throw this out for something to ponder. I find, even now in 2009, many times the victim of the crime gets overlooked. By that, I mean the focus is so intent on getting the criminal, charging him, and taking it to trial, that the victim becomes secondary, or just a pawn in the law game. The 13 year old victim, who is now 45yrs old, has stated that she does not want it to go to trial. She has forgiven him and just wants to get on with her life.

When does the victim have the right to say I want the book thrown at him and I'll be there in court testifying all the horrid details that I can remember... and when does she have the right to say "This is no longer something I carry in my life and I would like to let it go because *I* do not want to go through the stress of a trial and rehash all those old memories".

The question being... which has priority... the law in charging/taking to trial Polanski, or the victim who has let it go and would like it to remain in the past?

Just some food for thought.

MP said...

Re: Buttery Apple Thing
All that needs is a sauce made from butter, sugar and cream. And maybe some whipped cream on top.

Re: Jennifer Guest Blogging

Re: Roman Polanski

bari said...

Oy ok here goes
@cheryl - I hear what you are saying but in my opinion a crime is a crime, regardless of what the victim (or anyone else) thinks of the situation. I think your point is largely based on the victim going through a trial? Well he already pled guilty, no trial needed. He skipped town in 1978 just as he was about to face sentencing for the crime of ‘unlawful sexual intercourse’ with a 13-year-old girl. Which in itself was committing another crime (failure to appear) Oops! Bad Roman.

@TP - You should come guest on MY blog, itll be like a blog round robin!

Vanessa Zacharias said...

Oooooo!! That was overall a very exciting post! I am excited for all things... and sad that you are so far away. I would have little to no problem indulging in half a pound of buttery goodness :O)

maguiresaunt said...

YAY for Jen guest blogging!

Theresa and guys shame me with all the cool stuff you take the time to make - all the while caring for households and husbands and children. I only worked 1/2 a day today and still only had the energy to throw a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner! Gourmet! :P

re Roman Polanski - all I want to know is, Where was that child's mother?? What would possess her to take her 13-year old daughter to a known "party house" and let her pose naked for pictures?? I just don't get it. :(

Jennifer said...

Wow!! Thanks :)

Um...Are you sure you want me to be a guest blogger even though I have no clue who this Polanski clown is?

Cheryl H. said...

Hehehe Jennifer. Polanski may be a bit before your time and a lot of you. But, whether you know who he is or not, one can almost put that aside (a little past history, he escaped he holocaust, he became a film director in America and was married to Sharon Tate, who was pregnant with his child when she was slaughtered by Charles Manson and his following, and then he, himself, drugged/got her drunk and raped a 13 year old child). That's the quick and dirty history on him.

He ran away from the States while awaiting sentencing and is a French citizen (France doesn't have an extradition agreement with the US). While on a trip to Switzerland for an Awards ceremony, he was arrested and is now in the process of being extradited back to the States to face sentencing.

This crime happened some 30 or so years ago, so the debate is... should he or shouldn't he face sentencing for a 30+ year crime. The victim is now in her mid-40s and doesn't want to have it all rehashed, has let it go, has publicly forgiven him some years ago and does not want to have it brought up and in the tabloids all over again.

So, there are those who are adamant, he did the crime he should pay for it, no matter how famous he is or how much time has gone by. Then there are those who side with the victim and think the victims should have a strong say since she is now an adult and however the crime affected her, she should have some say so as it doesn't harm her all over again.

And then there are those who are torn... I think he should pay, on the other hand, I don't think innocent people should have to suffer for something that happened a long time ago and were not involved in (IE: his wife and children are not part of the crime, yet this will affect them for the rest of their lives, and already has with the latest arrest, etc. The victim came to terms with what had happened and has now moved on... should she have to go through this all over again?)

The reason I side with the victim is, I have been a victim of assault when I was 14. They did catch the fellow 14 years later, so although I wasn't in my mid-40s, I was an adult at 28 yrs. It did go to trial and I really didn't want to have anything to do with it, but the law's the law. There was so much of the actual assault that I had blanked out (or my mind had) that all had to come back to the surface. It caused untold suffering with not being able to sleep, being afraid to go anywhere alone, etc. In the end, he got off... due to most everything being circumstantial evidence (he had a very good lawyer).

Knowing now what I went through, I would NEVER go through that again. So when this victim says she's moved on with her life and doesn't want to have it all rehashed and in the tabloids... I can totally empathize with her and feel she should have some say.

Of course, my perspective is coloured by my own personal experience. Someone who has not been through it (and God forbid, never will go through it) will have a totally different perspective/opinion. And those of you with young daughters, will have a different perspective again.

Which does beg the question... where WAS this 13 year old's mother when her daughter was at a photo shoot at Jack Nicholson's house with other celebrities who were known to be party animals? Who in their right mind would let their minor daughter go to a photo shoot on their own?

Cheryl H. said...

Ack! Sorry Theresa! I didn't mean to babble on so long and take up so much space on your blog! Eek!

Carolee said...

I'm with the majority here. A terrible crime was committed and, unfortunately, there's hardly ever just one victim of such a crime - family and friends on both sides are also affected badly. She has every right to forgive him but she, like every other regular citizen does not have the right to take the law into her own hands. What a slippery slope it would be if we allowed victims to decide the outcome whether out of fear of retaliation, tenderheartedness or social pressure. I'd like to see the mother questioned - if she's still alive - and I'd also like to know why he went to Switzerland. Arrogance or stupidity?

Carolee said...

PS: Cheryl, I'm so sorry for what you went through and it's so hard for us who know you to be objective and wish for anyone else to go through the same thing but if this will save even one other girl from having this happen to her, I'd like to hope it's worth it.

Cheryl H. said...

Carolee... not to worry. It was a long time ago and the pain has all dissolved. That is the amazing thing about time... it really does heal if you let it have a chance. Good and bad things in life give us our perspectives and I just thought it would be good to throw a different perspective from the obvious "He's guilty... off with his head!" I'm not saying that's wrong... heck, if someone were to put me in a room with a pedophile there would be nothing left of him by the time I was finished, that's how strongly I feel about them. I'm not thinking about their families, their reasons for being the way they are, or anything else. If someone hurts a child, they are no longer human in my books.

But if one can step outside of their emotions, sometimes it's interesting about the other perspectives that are out there. And they are no more right or wrong than anyone elses. :)

Jaime said...

Really Matthew? Word?

(I would just like to point out to to my siblings that I will comment on inappropiate/embarrassing phrases that you may use)

Just thought I'd lighten up some of the comments.

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