Saturday, 17 October 2009

2 (a.k.a. We MADE it!)

On Friday we stopped at the boulangerie and bought birthday treats...

And opened a few presents...

Then Maman went a little crazy...

...trying to get these done for the party on Saturday.

Here's our new home! Decked out for the birthday/housewarming:

So the guests came! Stéphane works with these lovely ladies:

The birthday girl had a blast.

The cupcakes went over well.

Yep, definitely my kid.

Our friend Jonathan hangin' out with some blonde babes

This is what happens when I say "smile!"

L is not so clear on the concept. Maybe next year.

So many more things to say, but at least you're up to speed on the celebrating around here.

Hoping to post more often now that life has gone back to normal...

Other big news - Liliane doesn't use a soother anymore! We were fretting for weeks about when to cut out the su-su and we finally decided to do it after her birthday. As of Sunday morning, we explained that she was a big girl now and didn't need her soother anymore. It worked! As I write this it's been 36 hours and no meltdowns. The Baby Guru TOLD me it would be easy, but like every new parent, you can't believe that it'll be easy with YOUR kid.

I'm so relieved. Plus it's fun because she talks a lot more! I still can't understand half of what she says, but at least there's nothing in her mouth to block her cheerful chatter.

Still loving fall, going through a big baking phase. Which is leading to a big butt phase, but I'm trying to give away as much of it as possible! If you're in the Montréal area, please let me know. Pumpkin muffins are next on my list and my thighs are begging for mercy...

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