Sunday, 1 November 2009

Not Halloweenies After All

We braved the threat of H1N1 to go out and party on Halloween and boy am I glad we did. This is a photo we would not have been able to take at home:

Cool gourd display aside, if we were staying home my husband would not have found us these festive accessories.

Those are pumpkin glasses friends. And they lit up, too! They lasted about two minutes before breaking but it was fun while it lasted.

Our friends Isabelle, Sébastien and Viggo hosted this fancy 'do.

So not only are they super creative and talented (Hellllooo, HOMEMADE costumes!) but their friends are, too! (OK not us so much, but other people.) Someone showed up with this creepy/awesome decoration:

Hello, pest control?

Ho ho ho, Halloween, you got me again!

We have known this little character since he was born. He turned one in August.

And it turns out he is quite a party animal (ha ha ha, no really)!

Contemplative panda. Hey, isn't that a yoga move?

Duuuuude... what was in those brownies?

Speaking of party animal, Liliane boogied the night away. This move is called the Kung-Fu Panda.

There was breakdancing and Liliane gave it a shot although I wasn't quick enough with the camera.

Speaking of lovely and talented friends, here are some of the party guests:

Shauna and daughter Béa

Daniel, Geneviève and adorable Arthur, born at the same time as Viggo.

Isabelle made creepy cupcakes for the occasion. Try and spot my contribution to the food table!

Liliane was completely fascinated by Filippo's gorilla costume but wasn't so sure she wanted to be THAT close.

Filippio and Maria. So cute. Sigh. I remember when we used to look like that. Distinctly less... tired. Or something.

We left the party in full swing around 7 so we could get in a quick trick or treat before bedtime. It was crazy windy outside so our neighbours were sweet enough to let us come a-knocking:

They put on their costumes and did the whole thing. AND they offered to babysit anytime. Treat!

Sadly for us, our little panda went to bed super congested which made for a (insert Vincent Price voice here) Halloween Night of Horrors, only with less blood and more snot. Although there were bloodcurdling screams and two zombie parents to show for it in the morning! She never did get feverish and she's doing much better today.

So now it's November. We made a quick trip to the mall today and I see that Christmas is taking over quickly. I love this part, though. When you see all the decorations and even start thinking about getting a gift or two but panic has not yet set in. I aim to make that phase stretch out longer and longer every year until maybe one day Christmas would be stress free! Imagine!

Anyway, I'm still not done with fall. I made Susan's pumpkin scones today (yum!) and since citrouille remains Liliane's favourite word of all time (first words out of her mouth this morning I swear), we'll keep them hanging around for a bit.

Have a great week everybody!


Vanessa Zacharias said...

Looks like you guys had such an awesome time! I can't believe that it is already November!

Maggie said...

I am a big fan of the spider in the back corner. How did that get in?

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