Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Still Kicking

Stéphane out at the movies, house cleanish, baby (finally) sleeping, cheeseball movie on TV (13 Going on 30), cookies made, laundry folded, FB updated. No more excuses. Write!

In no particular order, here is my post:

Liliane has fully recovered and is back to bouncing off the walls. We're all sleeping again which is good. Very good.

I have started Christmas shopping. Tricky this year what with being broke and all but budgeting has become an excellent creative exercise.

Jennifer Garner is so cute - I feel like we could be friends. But then I would surely clumsily hit on her husband and that would be the end of that.

We got our H1N1 vaccination last weekend. Seven days and still not zombies. Awesome.

I discovered a really amazing website a few weeks ago for Montreal parents. It's called I Spy Montréal and they write about kid-friendly events for those of us in this area who are always looking for new activities with rugrat in tow. I got a Twitter shout out from Jessica AND she commented on my blog. So cool!

Glee continues to sparkle up my Wednesdays. Big Bang Theory also, but on Mondays.

Now too tired to think of anything else. Coming up - Santa Claus parade next weekend! Also Christmas baking and decorations. Hooray!

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