Thursday, 9 July 2009

We're Baaaccckkkk...

I'll spare you the details, but this is what happened on Monday June 22nd:

Yep, that's ALL OUR STUFF. We filled that baby UP.

The amazing boxspring-from-balcony stunt. So glad we're not living on the third floor anymore.

I. Hate. Everything.

It took just over three hours to get it all out. And down the two sets of twisty stairs. And our guys Sébastien, Andreas and Jorge did it all without breaking anything. Stéphane and I survived it by taking valium. (Just kidding! But look at that picture of my husband - don't you think some kind of medication could have helped?)

It only took another 2 hours to load it all into the new place and once that was over, we celebrated with our new best friends.

Our first official houseguests.

Look how cute they are. They were really sweet actually.

Bye! Hope we don't see you again for a long time!

I don't remember at when I took these, but at some point after Liliane came back from her grandparents to the new place. She LOVES it.

Now I have room to do all my kung-fu moves!

I call this one "Winston Churchill Takes The Baby for a Walk."

This is how we generally look most of the time these days.

Wednesday June 24th was St-Jean Baptiste Day so we took a break from the boxes to get outside. I wrote about the significance of St-Jean last year (click here for refresher) but all you need to know is that a) it's all about Quebec and b) it's all about beer.

We took a stroll in our new neighborhood down to Jarry Park.

Jarry Park is where the Expos first played, it's where the the Rogers Cup (tennis) is played, plus it has an AMAZING new playground and water park/wading pool. We're pretty excited to live a short 15 minute-walk away.

Liliane was ready to follow those ducklings into the water. It was pretty hot so I couldn't blame her.

For my B.C. readers: This fountain totally reminds me of Stanley Park!

We ended the day with a BBQ at Pierre and Ariel's - our new neighbours! They live about two blocks down from our new place.
At the end of that big week we had a little tidying up to do at the old place before we turned in our keys. Given our troubles with the crazy owner, we took the time to document exactly how we left it. I did one last scrub of the bathtub and those wacko, mold-friendly, teeny tiny tiles:

We dropped our keys in her mailbox and it was over. Done! She left us a message later that night to remind us that we are supposed to make an appointment with her so that she can inspect the apartment together and make sure that everything is in order. Needless to say we didn't call her back. We are completely happy with the clean and tidy empty apartment that we left behind. We're so outta there!!
It's been a bit of a whirlwind since then. We went back to work, we're figuring out the new routines, trying to get the new place all set up. Liliane had a few nights of random waking up at 2AM but then she got over that (thanks to Papa and his firm yet gentle GO TO SLEEP LILIANE technique) and has been sleeping like a champ ever since.
We're heading to Ikea this weekend to finally get the big DVD shelf! We figured out what we want the last time we were there so all we have to do now is go and buy it. Oh, and put it together. I'll definitely get pictures of that once it's done.
I also have some flowers planted now on our cute back patio stairs which I will also take photos of this weekend while Stéphane puts our new BBQ together! Oh, projects, projects.
Somewhere in there I turned 35. Had an excellent date night with my husband, saw Transformers, completely enjoyed ourselves. We had dinner out the next night with Jean-Michel and Laurence also who gave us all kinds of great decorating advice. It was really fun to have people over and get a different perspective on things. Where we just see box-filled space punctuated by our old crap, they see potential. Fun.
The other thing is that I'm so excited for my nephew to come into this world! My brother and SIL have already passed the official due date (yesterday) so it could happen any minute. Everytime my cell phone rings I have a heart attack, but so far, nothing to report. I'll be going down for the bris which will take place 8 days after his grand arrival so I'm standing by to make travel plans.
That's it for now. Gotta go, bag of baked Cheetos calling from my new kitchen.


Shawna said...

Yay Yay Yay -- You've moved and everybody lived!!! Ha Ha!

Hope you're having a great summer!

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Moving sucks, eh? Hate it. Decorating is fun, though! :c)

Congrats on the new digs!

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