Monday, 27 July 2009

Go Fly A Kite + BFF

Stéphane has been talking about flying a kite with Liliane since last summer.

She was way more into it this year than she was last year.

He bought one for $2.29 and we went to a park near our house and hoped for the best.

She had a good time.

She ran around.

And ran some more.
Hey, it wasn't raining! Major victory for us Montrealers.

She only slowed down when I tried to take her picture. Natch.

Nope, not old bruised bananas, those are my baby's legs!
On Sunday we went to visit Rosie, freshly returned from a trip abroad.

We were happy to see her parents as well. Here is Julie with her guitar. Sorry Joyce - no guitar, no photo.

Julie did her Maria from the Sound of Music impression...

Ray, a drop of golden sun!

Liliane contributed by strumming a little herself.

Rosie contributed by just generally being adorable.

Stéphane playing our new game: statue! Play music, dance around. When the music stops, you must freeze! And make a silly face!

It's a hit with the toddler set.

Just a quick post before I hit the road for NYC tomorrow morning. Am driving down to meet my new nephew Asher and attend his bris! I'm strangely nervous about the 7-hour drive (example #74967 of how I feel OLD now that I've hit 35. Next I'll be raving about raisin-based desserts. It's a slippery slope.) but I'm trying to think of it as a luxury. 7 hours of listening to whatever music I want, singing loudly, stopping for treats, whatever I want. No compromise, just me and the open road. Alllriiight!
In the morning I'm dropping Liliane off at daycare, doing a quick errand or two, then heading south to hopefully arrive in Brooklyn around dinnertime. Asher is living the rock star schedule that newborns are so fond of so I'm not too worried about my timing or anything. My baby fever and I can't wait to start the snugglefest!
I just need to pack now. This is what I must remember: I'm only going for two days, only two days, only two pairs of shoes are necessary. Two pairs of shoes only. Repeat.
Or three pairs. What if it rains?

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