Saturday, 1 August 2009

Green Thumb

Alright, hold your applause at my oh-so-impressive garden.

It's not all me.

I have a secret weapon.

With just a little water and whole lot of cuteness, those flowers THRIVE.


So our next project is...

Teaching her to read! Naked! In the bathroom! No, kidding. Although that would be cool.

It's potty training! Also known as "Operation Lose The Diapers Already So We Can Afford To Take A Vacation Next Year."
So my quick trip to NYC this week was amazing. My nephew Asher is a perfect little morsel (who peed on me, but it's OK) and I will tell the whole story complete with photos in my next post because right now I'm a little worn out from our day full of F-U-N. It was actually warm and sunny (like a summer's day I hear) so we crammed in all the estival activities we could: park, picnic, wading pool and wandering around old Montreal, complete with a family bike ride!
Also I'm a little distracted by the Tin Man on TV. I am compelled to watch anything based on my beloved Wizard of Oz, but this interpretation is pretty dark and there are no sparkly shoes of ANY kind. But I'm sucked in anyway.
À bientôt!

1 comment:

Jaime Piercy said...

Honestly, you can't say F-U-N anymore. You've said it twice now..that enough. As your little and teenaged sister it is my duty to inform you that "F-U-N" will show that you are old and boring.


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