Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Outdoor Family Activity! Hooray!

It was FINALLY a sunny Saturday so we made up for the weeks and weeks of crappy weekend weather by packing in all the summery stuff we could. I didn't bring the camera to the park in the morning for playground, picnic and swimming, but I'm telling you it was F-U-N.

In the afternoon we hopped the metro down to Old Montréal to hang out with the tourists and see what we could see. (*Note to parents with strollers: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT get off at Champ-de-mars metro to go to the Old Port! There are approximately eleventy thousand stairs and zero working escalators. Place d'armes is a WAAAYYY better idea. )

Stéphane spotted these funky quad-bikes and we spontaneously decided to rent one.

Liliane: Too bad the photographer smelled like poop. (Not really, but what is with that face??)

I deign to be photographed sitting here in my royal special seat, however I do not deign to open my eyes. What does deign mean?

Our handsome driver.

Oh hello wedding party. Let me guess... Was it the BRIDE'S idea to traipse around tourist-land in the scorching sun on your wedding day? Hmmmm...

What are they doing?

Welcome to the Nerd Family wedding photo session. Nothing says newlywed like the Montréal Science Centre!
Why mother, why? I don't have an answer my child.

Leaving the Mr. and Mrs. Beaker behind, we rode past boats. (Boats! Liliane enthusiastically cried.)

Baby had the best view. Note her lack of sandals. She likes to take them off from time to time when we're out. Puzzling behaviour for my budding shoe-o-holic.
And then it rained. One glorious day. That was it folks!
Otherwise... Getting ourselves organized for our trip to NYC. And we decided today that our housewarming party would be in October at the same time as Liliane's 2nd birthday. So that's why you haven't received your invitation, indignant reader! None have been issued since we feel like we still have a lot of crap to get rid of/stuff to buy that we can't afford just now.
I still have to post about the awesome bris experience, but am still trying to gather all the photos to give you an accurate picture of the event. If my SIL wasn't so busy with her NEW BABY and being a first-time mother and breastfeeding and all, I would have been all over it. But she is trying to get some SLEEP and whatever. Man, some people. :)

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maguiresaunt said...

Once again Theresa, you've made me LOL! Love the first pic. :o)

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