Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Shoes -Starting Early and Baby Asher!

Since I haven't taken any photos of any of our new setup yet (read: because I don't feel like it's all SET UP yet), I will distract you with photos of my now 21-month old.
Blowing kisses is one of her more charming habits these days. As opposed to WHINING for example. A skill she is working on perfecting in her spare time.

Note the footwear. Stéphane bought her this outfit, sandals included. Whenever she spots them, (despite my cunning attempts to keep them out of sight) she MUST wear them.
Although cute (and matchy), they must be completely uncomfortable.

Doesn't matter, she loves them so she endures the pain. Even at her tender age, she is already crazy for shoes. Must be from her father's side of the family...

Better start stocking up on bandaids.

Now, to the really big news! We're celebrating the birth of my new nephew - Asher William Piercy! He came into the world this morning at 8:05, weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces. My SIL Bari sent out photos this afternoon. Since she went through 32 hours of labour, I'm impressed that she has any hand-eye coordination, not to mention energy to write coherent emails.

Hi baby! I can't wait to see you next week!
I'll be the loud one smelling your head and nom nom nomming on your cheeks.

Newly minted Papa, my brother Matthew.

I'm just so proud of him. Love you, bro!
Can't wait to hear the whole story in person next week. Oh, and take about a jillion photos of your son.
OTHERWISE... Almost all the boxes are gone around here, we have a new BBQ, patio table and chairs, a DVD shelf, living room lamp and container garden! Wouldn't it be good of me to share all these good things by posting photos? Yes, yes it would. I'm working on it.
À bientôt!


Carolee said...

Love the outfit! Good that she's learning early that there's no beauty without pain. So envious that you get to see our new babe first! Give him a big kiss from me!
And... really looking forward to some pics of you new stuff!

maguiresaunt said...

Liliane is just so darn cute, Theresa! And, that's a pretty good looking nephew you've got there! :o)

Shawna said...

As for the shoes, I don't understand why companies make shoes that are like walking on planks of wood with your foot stuck to it, for toddlers non the less! But they sure look cute with the outfit!

Congrats on sweet baby Asher -- Thanks for the photo, he looks like a delightful mix of Mommy & Daddy!

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