Thursday, 18 June 2009

Packing is for Wienies

Taking pictures of your 20 month old is waaaayyyy more fun.

As you can see, I'm getting a LOT done.

In my defense, it's been ages since I took pictures of her just for fun (since my Rebel has been in the shop AGAIN recently plus this whole home-buying thing has really taken up a lot of time, man) so I say less boxes, more blogging!

We got her a little step stool so that she would stop standing on the heaters to look outside.

This is one of her top five all-time favourite activities.

The other four, in no particular order, would be: shouting "ballon!" ball or balloon or "fleur!" flower or leaf or "chee!" cheese or dog, depending or "shee!" shoe; standing at the sink "brushing" her teeth; swinging on the swings, preferably while holding her ballon; and drinking juice. Which doesn't happen very often around here because juice = sticky. No can do. I have issues.

This was probably her spotting a Chee! (chien/dog).

What is this "chee" of which you speak so knowingly?

Me: Okay baby, it's bathtime! (duh duh da dum duh duh da dum dum de dum de dum! There is music that goes with bathtime in our house and it happens to be the music from Batman because Stéphane is the Bath-man. Get it?! We like puns. And movie theme songs. OK, anyway....)


Whachoo talkin' about Willis?

I can't help it! The corny captions just COME to me! Dear Liliane, sorry for embarrassing you in front of the entire internet, but your expressions are too delicious not to share. Plus it makes me laugh which you should think of as a wise long-term investment. Love, Crazy Maman xo

I took these so Stéphane could see that yes indeed I got some work done. Or that I at least documented our child getting some work done. She was all over my idea of putting the tupperware in a box.

So where do you want it?

Oh man, somebody stop me. I am killing myself over here.
OK, back to it. Now this time I MEAN it when I say that I won't be back until sometime next week. We move on Monday so wish us luck! (No, seriously, please leave me an encouraging comment otherwise I might just sneak off to Mexico, Swine Flu be darned, until this whole thing is done...)
Muchos gracias!


maguiresaunt said...

The Internet LOVES your little picture comments! All the pics are great, but I particularly love the first pretty!

Good luck with the move - I'm sure it'll go wonderfully smooth. :o)

susan said...

Good luck with the move! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Liliane is gorgeeous Theresa! I can see why you'd rather take photos of her than pack:)
Hope the move goes really smoothly!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, but I really think Liliane looks like Stephane in these photos! (I'm sure he won't mind.) :)

Hope the rest of the move / unpacking was uneventful. :)

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