Saturday, 13 June 2009

Movin' On Up

Oh internet, what a crazy crazy last few weeks! Here is quick list of some the highlights:
  • no less than 4 (minor) medical mishaps to to my clumsiness
  • went to the notary, signed all the papers, we are homeowners!
  • made our first mortgage payment
  • did our wills
  • bought more insurance than I even knew existed
  • no less than 4 freakouts about money (we take turns, will it ever end?)
  • met our new neighbours and LOVE them
  • bought a new toaster
  • bought a new microwave
  • got rid of my credit card and now am paying back the bank - debt free in 5 years!
  • had a nice visit from my Dad. He approves of the new place AND its handy proximity to DQ
  • confirmed an excellent new daycare starting in August
  • Liliane's molars may be starting to come in. Great.
  • On standby for my brother and SIL's cupcake to come into the world so I can dash down for the bris. I even have a job to do!
  • endless crunching of numbers
  • boxes, boxes, boxes and more boxes...

Of course our list of upcoming TO DO is about eight times longer (and a little dull, frankly) so I will spare you all that. Stéphane and I are on vacation as of Thursday next week when operation "get the heck outta here" hits the ground running. I'll post when we're set up... with pictures!

Speaking of pictures, I found these on the camera from a while back - Stéphane spotted a deal on this Eddie Bauer stroller (I think it was $30 down from $80) so we grabbed it.
While he was there he also picked out the outfit she's wearing. My husband is a wicked shopper and secure enough in his manliness to be OK with my sharing that information. I think.
I KNOW she doesn't look like me, OK?
Not to belabour the point, but he also bought her the outfit she is wearing in these photos:
In THIS photo I find she looks like me. Perhaps it's the double chin??
And this sweet little hat from Mexx:

My child officially has a better summer wardrobe than I. But that's OK.
Back to errands and high finances. Back soon!

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