Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Visit from the Nurse, first trip to Starbucks and Grandma's gift!

A couple of days after we got home from the hospital, a nurse from the CLSC came to visit us. Her name is Therese and she was very sweet and very, very helpful. She gave us all kinds of information about what resources are available to us through our neighborhood CLSC, classes I can go to, a post-natal clinic that happens every week, even local businesses where I can breastfeed if necessary! She examined Liliane and showed us how to make sure that her neck isn't sore and how to put her on her tummy every day so she gets used to using her muscles. She also gave me some good tips on breastfeeding and confirmed that she is gaining weight well which means that she is getting enough to eat! Very reassuring.

Also in that week we did a big grocery shop (for our late Thanksgiving feast) and we stopped at Starbucks on the way home. Baby's first fix!
My Mom made Liliane a blanket which she finished while she was visiting. Isn't it beautiful!? It looks great in her room.


Ann-Margret said...

awwwww, there's something so special about Mom-crocheted or Mom-knitted blankies! :)

I still have to give you Liliane's gift! Hope to see you soon.


Lenka said...

Well said.

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