Friday, 16 November 2007

One Month Old Today! Plus Dedication photos

I can hardly believe it's been a month! I'm here at the computer with my little bundle sleeping on me in the baby carrier since she doesn't want to spend any time, awake or asleep, away from Mama today. There is something pretty amazing about feeling her snuffly breathing on my skin when she is curled up on me, snoozing with total abandon. That's the good stuff. I took this one today of her in her new vibrating chair which she sort of likes:

Daddy has the magic touch to get her out of her grumpy mood in the evening:

Back to the archives! These photos are from the baby dedication that was held at my church, Temple Baptist, on October 28. It was so special that my Mom and Matthew and Bari could be here for the dedication. Plus, Matthew is Liliane's Godfather so I was thrilled that he could stand up with us.

It was a challenge for us to actually get somewhere (first time that we had to be anywhere since she was born about 12 days earlier) for a certain time but we weren't too, too late. It was so lovely to be able to introduce Liliane to our church family and let me tell you, very moving to have a dedication ceremony. I pretty much cried all the way through it (hello hormones!) but now that I'm a parent, I GET why these things are so meaningful! What a great feeling to have the congregation stand up with you and pledge to help us raise our daughter and teach her about living her life for God. Quite a moment. Thank you Pastor Joseph and everyone for organizing it so quickly and making it such a wonderful experience for us.

We will be having a christening for her as well (if our local Catholic preist agrees) so we'll be doing the same thing in French with Stéphane's family just as soon as we can organize it.
Matthew and Bari headed back to NYC after lunch on Sunday with my Mom in tow for a week of shopping and hanging out. It was hard to see them go, but knowing that my Mom would be back for one more night on her way back helped.
I think I'm almost caught up! The week after was our first week home alone and I was thankful that Stéphane was home with me. I'll post some photos of our first outing in the carrier in the next entry.


Jennifer said...

I love that picture of her and Matthew, can you email it to me please??

auntie b said...

j-I have tons of good ones of the 2 of them and can hook u up at christmas. They are a cute pair!

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