Thursday, 8 November 2007

First Outing and First Bath

My Mom arrived from Vancouver on Saturday the 21st and spent some time getting to know her new granddaughter (plus doing about 800 household chores since I was in my PJs all day) and we all went out the next day for a walk to the Jean-Talon market.

It was a beautiful day and it felt so good to get outside. Liliane slept the whole time while we walked around, snapped photos, and bought delicious fresh local produce for the week.

I noticed that I was pretty exhausted just from walking - who knew that childbirth could take so much out of you? (ha ha) I spent the rest of the week being spoiled by my Mom's amazing cooking and soaking up all of her encouragement and baby knowledge. What a wonderful gift!

Before we went out on Sunday morning, we got a special delivery - this gorgeous bouquet from Carole and Marc - Stéphane's sister and brother-in-law! As you can see, Liliane is super impressed!

I think it was the next day that we gave Liliane her first bath. Since her cord hadn't fallen off yet, we could only give her a sponge bath. We set up her cozy new towel and washcloth that she got from her Aunt Danielle and Uncle André and got my Mom to supervise us because we were so nervous! We all survived - Liliane of course didn't love the experience but we got her clean!

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mom said...

Wow, that seems like so long ago! Thanks for the privilege of being a part of Liliane's first couple of weeks - a very precious memory!

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