Saturday, 17 November 2007

First Trip in the Carrier

Back to our first week all alone at home with the little jellybean... Since we almost perfected getting around in the stroller, we figured it was time to tackle the carrier. Luckily the weather all that week was beautiful (1st week of Nov.) which made everything easier. We got her all installed on Stéphane and headed out to do a few errands in the neighborhood.
Our first stop was to get coffee at the café on the corner - their lattes are delicious and, unlike another coffee place I often frequent (rhymes with Barstucks), we can afford to make a habit of going to this place. I took this picture by the cathedral close to us:

Also during that week we took Liliane to the post natal clinic at the CLSC and had her weighed and asked a few questions, like, how do we cut her nails??! We met with Therese, the same nurse that came to see us at home, and she wisely suggested that we file her nails down instead of cutting them. Isn't that brilliant? OK, it's not as easy as it sounds, but it's not half as traumatizing as the clippers. Ouch.

On Friday of that week we headed out again with the carrier and visited both of our offices to show (off) Liliane to our colleagues. She did great in the metro (slept all the way):

My Mom came back to town on Saturday and we had a yummy dinner at Stéphane's parents place and introduced Liliane to her aunts Carole and Danielle and her uncle André:

And Liliane got more presents! Carole and Marc got her some PJs and her first Christmas outfit!

My Mom got in some more cuddle time...
And I love how she curls all up like this... look at those little feet!

The next day we had one last breakfast with my Mom (that she didn't have to make!) and then we took her to the airport. She took the baby to sleep with her for a big chunk of the night so we got some real sleep again. I'm telling you, she has a gift! Here is Lili showing her appreciation for her grandma - finally, someone who knows how to treat a baby!

Stéphane went back to work the following Monday and it's been just Lili and I at home ever since. I don't have too many photos of our adventures together, mainly because the most exciting thing we do is go to the drugstore! I'll post about that tomorrow.
As for today, the big news is that we got a rocking chair! Stéphane is putting it together tonight and I'll post a photo when it's done. We're excited because we spend quite a lot of time rocking Liliane particularly when she's grumpy in the evenings. Plus I'll have a comfy place to feed her and put my feet up!
That's it for tonight. Got to go make dinner while Stéphane is on baby duty. More like snuggle duty since she is pretty sleepy this afternoon. She and I had a nice nap together (to make up for getting up so early this morning to do errands) and we're looking forward to going to the movies as a family tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

I thought you had a rocking chair!! When Xavier was born mom got us a gliding rocker and we practically lived in it!! Hope it helps the little princess(es) get some sleep.

Bari said...

Lots of great pics! I can tell that you switched over to the new camera. Do you love it?

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