Saturday, 22 September 2007


I wanted to post a picture of the flowers my sweet husband brought home for me on Friday night. I was off on Friday but spent the day organizing and making many phone calls (mostly baby stuff) and I was completely worn out by the end of the day (despite not changing out of my PJs until around 2). I may have been a little grumpy sounding when he phoned to tell me that he was on his way, so he stopped and brought me this lovely bouquet (love those lillies!) and some peppermint foot cream for my freakishly swollen feet and legs. Awwwww!

Today was really, really warm (27 degrees and humid!) so we didn't do a whole lot but we ran a couple of errands and got our hair cut. This afternoon was all about napping (thank goodness for the air conditioner!) and tonight we're taking it easy as well. Tomorrow is my baby shower so I'll have lots of photos to post.

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mom said...

Spoiled, indeed!! What a lovely, understanding husband you have!

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