Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Busy weekend!

Tuesday night already and time for a blog update! I planned to do it last night , but we spontaneously went directly from work to see the new Cronenberg film "Eastern Promises" which we loved. What an amazing movie. Be warned, it's violent, but it's brilliant.

Anyway, this weekend we did indeed go on a big baby shopping spree on Saturday at Babies R Us. We got crib linens, diapers, a mobile, two bibs (one that says "J'aime Maman", the other one says "J'aime Papa") and a whole bunch of other stuff. If only we could find a rug, we'd be set! Or almost anyway. The furniture (including crib) will arrive on October 6th so I guess then we'll be REALLY ready.

Saturday night we celebrated our friend Joyce's 33rd birthday at their house with a bunch of their friends. Her partner Julie (who is also my regular massage therapist) is about 4 months pregnant right now so when we get together, we tend to talk babies! Here are some photos of the evening....

Stéphane and the super party glass that lights up (our birthday gift to Joyce last year).

Julie and Joyce and their first family photo!

Bump comparison... I think I might win this one :)

Sunday was a day of relaxing and going again to the movies! We saw "Across the Universe" which was gorgeous and of course the music is amazing (especially for us Beatles fans) although the story is a little weakand it runs a little long. Worth seeing, though, especially in the theatre. After getting our groceries and eating sushi for dinner, we called it a day.

Today we had the joy of confirming that our landlords have sold the building to their daughter! We had an official sit down with them and made the transfer official. We know her fairly well since she's been living on the ground floor for a few years now and we have always had a good relationship with her. She was very sweet and promised us that we would keep things simple. This is a pretty big relief for us since we've had a problem or two with her parents (as my blog readers know from earlier this summer) and frankly I'm just thrilled that I don't have to talk to them again! We've got a few too many things on our minds these days to worry about that on top of everything else :)

Time to watch LA Ink and eat sugar free jello! G'night!


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see pictures of all the baby stuff!!

Bari said...

peace out crappy landlords! I hope things get easier now that she is in charge.

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