Friday, 14 September 2007

Social butterfly week

Wow, is it Friday already? This week was a little busy, starting with the Gémeaux awards last Sunday. The Gémeaux are the Québec version of the Emmys and my company had quite a few nominations and the company where I used to work won for a documentary that I worked on as well so it was a good evening. Stéphane found me this ensemble at Thyme Maternity so huge as I feel, I was at least a little chic...

This is me with my pal Brigitte...

And this is Brigitte with our pal Paola (and several Québec stars in the background).

On Tuesday we had our hospital tour and breastfeeding class which was scary and exciting at the same time. I didn't take any pictures (sorry Mom) but we feel very well informed and the birthing centre at the hospital is very new and comfortable. Tuesday evening we had our first pre-natal class! It was just the two of us with our amazing instuctor so we were able to ask all the questions we wanted without feeling too self-conscious. We will go back next week as well and get into the nitty gritty of the actual labour. I'm feeling pretty zen about it all, although I'm not sure I can say the same for Stéphane!

On Wednesday, Stéphane scored us tickets to the premiere of "Silk" which is Québecois director François Girard's newest feature. It's a BEAUTIFUL film and we had a good time. I ended up sitting beside the Mayor of Montréal (OK, he was across the aisle, but still) and Stéphane had a good time introducing me to a bunch of his new co-workers. We knew quite a few people there and the party afterwards was very classy. A little too much sushi circulating for a pregnant girl like myself but I enjoyed my Perrier :)

On Thursday we met up with our friends Eric and Tina for Thai dinner. Eric and Tina are the ones that got married in May in California giving us a a great reason to have our holidays out there. Tina will be moving here at the end of October, but in the meantime she came out for a wee holiday since the newlyweds haven't seen each other since their honeymoon! We had a good time catching up with them and hearing about the big plans for the move. Eric and Tina came bearing a gift - they got us a super cute lamp for the baby. It's shaped like a turtle and projects stars on the wall and ceiling. So cute! Baby girl was doing a lot of kicking as we were eating so Stéphane finally got to feel her moving around. Usually as soon as I put his hand on my tummy she stops moving!

We took these pictures after a delicious dinner:

So that brings us to today! In theory I was off work (although I ended up spending the afternoon in a meeting, oh well) but this morning I used a gift certificate I got from work for my birthday to get a massage and wow, was it ever great. My massage therapist really worked on my sciatic nerve and the difference is amazing. I am hoping to squeeze in another one or two before our kiddo makes her big debut...

Tomorrow we will do some more shopping for baby stuff (crib linens, etc) and our social week continues with a birthday party in the evening. We are definitely taking advantage of our last few weeks of free time!


mom said...

Wow - now THAT'S a blog!! And what a week! From one end of the spectrum to the other. Nice to see Eric and his wife - they look happy.

Have the aquafit classes started again?

Shawna said...

What are you talking about - you look great! You may feel big, but you don't look it (this coming from another pregnant chica).

Love the outfit from Thyme - that is my favorite Pregger shop!

Busy week....remember to put your feet up this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Theresa, it was wonderful to see you and Stephane again. And you are both beautiful and cute in your pregnancy.

You really amaze me with your dedication to blogging; I am a slacker with mine.

What a nice thing for your mom to say -- thank you!


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