Sunday, 23 September 2007

Spoiled - Part 2 Montréal Baby Shower!

Today was my East-coast shower and what a shower it was! Hosted by my friends Paola, Puelo and André at Puelo and André's lovely apartment, we girls spent a decadent afternoon together talking babies (and kinds of other girlie stuff), drinking pink drinks and eating very, very well.
The Guests
There were about 20 of us altogether including my mother-in-law Denise,
My sisters-in-law Danielle and Debbie and my niece Melissa,

My dear friend Deb all the way from Gatineau,

And a bunch of my gorgeous girlfriends from Montréal!

This is Julie and I doing our baby bump photo again - I still win! She's due at the end of February so hopefully I'll be back to regular size by then :)
The Food
Delicious savoury treats (I must have eaten about 25 crabcakes) and cupcakes for dessert!

I splurged and it was worth every mouthful...
The Game
The idea was to sample the five different types of baby food and identify them. There were some yummy choices (apple and raspberry) and some horrible-sounding ones: broccoli and cheese casserole purée anyone??

There were two winners in the end (yay Julie and Caro!) they got treats from Lush for being so clever :)

The Gifts!
I got a huge basket of all kinds of girlie baby swag - here it is all laid out on the couch once I got home:

And here I am sitting under my flower arch opening some of the loot...

Not only did I get prezzies, but everyone left with their very own gift box containing a candle, some bath salts, chocolate and bubbles!

Here is Julie showing hers off:

The Host(ess) with the Most (ess)!
Thank you thank you thank you Paola, Puelo and André for a really, really lovely afternoon.

You guys make a great shower-planning team!

This is me when we first arrived - a nice side view, yes?

And this is me at the end of the afternoon - a little tired and feeling twice as huge!
I'm completely beat so my sausage legs and I are heading to bed. I do have two leftover cupcakes in the fridge, but seeing myself in all these photos has convinced me to perhaps pretend that they are not there... We have a big week coming up - it's our 3-year wedding anniversary on Tuesday so we're going out for dinner to celebrate, plus we have our second pre-natal class on Wednesday. I have Aquafit on Thursday and at some point we have to get more groceries! We also have a movie pass or two to use up sometime before we officially become parents... And aren't I supposed to be relaxing in there somewhere? I like it this way - but I think next week will definitely be quieter. Night night!


Jennifer said...

Looks awesome!! YOu lucky girl!
Since I am your sister I'm allowed to say that baby looks ready to come out now! Don'tr let anyone else say it though!!

mom said...

What a fabulous afternoon!! I had no idea it was going to be at the Debbie Travers house - what's the connection? Francine couldn't come?

Did you save one of the take home gifties for me? :o)

mom said...

Sorry - "Debbie Travis" house...

(almost) auntie b said...

Did you save one of the CUPCAKES for me? Yummmmm

Looks fun, so sorry I couldn't make it. I might have a couple things (only a couple SO FAR) for bebe! Can't wait to see you guys.


Jean said...

Hi my darling niece: Wow - what a wonderful afternoon you must have had - and lots of presents by the looks of it! I loved the pink theme and the idea of the gift boxes for all the guests. What great friends you have.
Hope you got my letter and, just to let you know, am still shopping!

Love Auntie Jean XXOO

Shawna said...

Looks like an awesome shower, isn't it nice when someone puts effort into the details just for you!!! How special.

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