Wednesday, 4 September 2013


You may not know this about me but I like to keep summer going as long as possible.  Don't talk to me about how it's all over after Labour Day because *lalalalala I can't hear you*  

However.  It is tricky to keep up the charade enjoy the remaining days of summer when you have a child in school.  Sure it's easier to let go of my favourite season since we're all busy adapting to the routine and getting excited about kindergarten, etc.  And it helps that we really did make the most of summer with all the traveling and camping and trying new things and generally having fun as a family unit.  But STILL.  I'm not quite ready.

So that's why we squeezed in one more adventure over the long weekend!  It may not have been particularly warm or sunny, but we got to swim in a fancy outdoor pool, eat BBQ and drink rosé, hang out in Ottawa and generally slack off. 

We hit up the kids' section of the Museum of Civilization and it was awesome.  Super fun and well organized.  Also not too expensive.  Because, in case you don't know this, freelancing = POOR.  For now! It can also mean big bucks but I am grateful for the time just now.


We met Mr. Potato Head.  

Alice transported stuff.

And swabbed some decks.

They rode a camel.

We got in some family time in with Stéphane's sister.  I took these while they were playing a form of HIGH FIVE!  but with feet.  I highly recommend it.

Deb!  My dear friend from the waaaay back.  Let's not explore how far back exactly but we met in Junior High in 1987 so that means we were 13 - carry the one- OH SHUT UP.

 She kindly put us up for two days in her guest room.  AND came swimming in their swanky condo pool.  AND bought us lunch on Monday AND came with us to the mall.  We love her.

Liliane has declared Deb to be her best friend EVER. Like mother like daughter I guess.

I only share this so you can see Alice and her side eye wondering why are even bothering with this busted selfie.  Liliane was in charge of the angle, can you tell? 

So now, this is our new normal:

An excited nearly-6-year-old with new shoes, ready to skip out the door and plunge into whatever kindergarten adventure awaits.

OK FINE, summer. You are free to wind down.  But I'm warning you, fall.  You have big shoes to fill!

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