Friday, 30 August 2013


Oh friends.  I get it now.  This whole BACK TO SCHOOL thing.  It's BIG.

I seriously had to stop making Liliane's lunch last night and lie down because I was so tired.  My body was all "CAN WE PLEASE GO TO SLEEEEP" and my feet were screaming (school is seriously a five minute walk.  FIVE MINUTES) and my brain was insisting on two more episodes of Orange is the New Black because hello! We earned it.

I don't know if it's the newness of it all?  Or the millions of questions we seem to have that no one can really answer yet? Whatever.  This is insane.  And that's just the parents! 

 Liliane is a combination of comatose and cray-cray by the time dinner rolls around.  She loves it and is afraid of all the new stuff but... she loves it.  This morning she said, "Maman, school is like vacation." Ha!  Hang on to that, kiddo.  

It's a joy to watch her.  Information comes out slowly at the end of the day and we try not to ask too many questions but it's hard because I'M JUST SO INTERESTED.

We do know that she already made a friend!  This is Sarah and she is in Liliane's class.  Sarah doesn't speak much French so her teacher is happy they found each other so Liliane can help her out.  
Posing in front of the vegetable garden. Look! A patate! (Actually a tomato but that's why she's at school, right?)

Stéphane's parents came to hang out with Alice while we took Liliane on her first day.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.  Alice's teacher is on holiday this week so she's off, too!  Good times!

Grandmaman and Grandpapa brought some excellent back-to-school-type activities.  

Liliane has now traced over every single letter of the alphabet thanks to that book.  

Alice got out her horse collection for Grandmaman.

Liliane's new lunchbox hadn't arrived yet so this is what her first lunch looked like.  I also ordered reusable snack bags, so simmer down Judgy McEarthday.  


Her teacher, Marc.   We love him.   And they are supposed to call him by his first name.  WEIRD.

So this morning was the first day we had to get there at the regular time which is 8:12.  That's EIGHT-TWELVE AY-EM.  Friends, we usually roll out of bed around 8:12 and sometimes I have to go in and wake the girls up.  We were so nervous about this new schedule but it went off without a hitch.

The bell rings at 8:12 and then all the kids line up. 

Marc got them all organized then class by class they went inside. *sob*

I did not cry at all this week.  It's all so exciting and overwhelming that I haven't had time to feel sad.  Also this child has been ready for school for AGES.  AGES!  I say that because she's been talking about it for AGES! And waking up in the night all worried about it for AGES! 

I didn't expect to enjoy all the changes to our routine so much.  Turns out it's lovely to walk over to the school and to meet all the new people who will be a big part of our lives for the next few years.  It's lovely to be excited for my child and remember all the things I loved about school.  (For the record: everything except P.E. and Grade 11 Math).  

We heading off to Ottawa for the long weekend (Hi Deb! Hope you are still talking to me after our visit!) so all good things coming up.  

Enjoy your last summer holiday weekend!

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