Wednesday, 14 August 2013

That Girl

Yeah, she's that girl.  

The one who can't stop moving.  The one with the dimples and the energy and the impish grin. The one who is in turn the sweetest and most hardheaded child I have ever met.

She is a kind and doting big sister.  


She's the kid who was too afraid to do to the mini zip line at the Stanley Park playground by herself.  

Then while we were in Brooklyn she finally stopped staring at the monkey bars and just went for it.  And went for it and went for it some more until I made her get down because we had to go.  It hurts my hands, Maman!  She showed me her chafed fingers proudly, strutting just a little past the swings.

Oh, and then there is this.  She is leaving preschool, the cozy cocoon where she has been for the last 4 years to start school.  SCHOOL.  With bring-your-own lunches and backpacks and big kids and WOW!  

I can't breathe.  

**Current favourite activities**

Taking goofy pictures

 Hanging out with babies
Cousin Sadie!

Cousin Rory!

Girly stuff





The Ferris wheel

Bike riding



Eating anything with sauce or flavour
Did I mention sleeping?
Long pants
Cold pizza
High ponytails
Peanut butter
Chocolate (except Oreos are OK)

Two more weeks until it all changes.  But she is ready, so ready.  I know school will be great for her.  I hear it tires out even the most resilient anti-sleepers.  (We don't call her The Terminator for nothing!)

So she's ready but am I?  Are you ever?


Wait, wasn't this just last month?

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