Monday, 12 August 2013


I know.  I KNOW.   I beg your forgiveness, I've been busy, blah blah blah.

The truth is, I miss you.  All three of my readers. (Hi Mom!)  Although it's not about the audience as much as it is about ME. (surprise!)  No, really.  Writing has always been an outlet,  a way for me to work though things.  It's high time I got back in the saddle!  End of cheesy metaphors!

OK, here we go.  Cast your minds way back to March.

It was Easter:

 Yes there was still snow on the ground.  SHUT UP.

I got a gig in Vancouver so in April we headed west for a couple of months.   Stéphane organized to keep working in the Burnaby office (thank you, Telus!) so it was easy.

We did a lot of this:

Then it was over.  We came back to Montréal and I continued to work like a DAWG but at least I was home.

Alice and I were apart for two weeks and in case you were wondering, she still hasn't forgiven me.  That girl keeps a grudge like nobody's business.

Shortly after getting back to Montreal I developed this ridiculous zit.  I had that thing for weeks and weeks. It finally moved to L.A. to star in its own horror franchise.
New Facebook profile pic? Thoughts?

We did kindergarten orientation.  I may or may not have cried.

I dashed back to Vancouver for four days to finish off the job I had sacrificed my nose AND most of my clothes to.  What? Two words: WHITE. SPOT.

 (*It was me! said the cheeseburger platter*)


 I produced the video portion of this amazing fundraising event and it was EPIC.  This is a teeny, tiny piece of the huge room and the HEEEWWWWWGE screens.  There was singing and dancing by a lot of very talented people (oh and my sister Jaime, too) and we managed to raise over $2 million for a very worthy cause.  You can read about it here.

Also I got to get all dressed up AND wear fake eyelashes for the first time.  

Then it was all over and I came home and recovered.  FOR AGES.   You see, I have become what you call a "weenie."  This was my first outside-world-no-pajamas job since Alice was born so HELLO!  Do all the producer stuff you used to do AND be a loving parent who remembers to feed your two children?  Harder than it sounds.

But thankfully I had my family around and our amazing nanny Emily to make it all work.  I recharged my batteries with the kind of love you only get at home and I marveled every single day at the ocean, the mountains and everything that makes Vancouver so... Vancouver.  Liliane got to hang out with her cousins ("brudders") and both girls got quality time with lots of their west coast peeps.  

Thank you Auntie Jen!  You not only NOTICED me staying with you and your 8 kids, you totally spoiled me!

 Then it was summer and frankly, I haven't had TIME to take on another big work project.  Puh-leez.

Between St. Jean Baptiste:

Our first family camping trip:

Oh yeah, Alice turned 2:

The zoo:

The NYC road trip:


Where we got to meet the world's cutest baby a.k.a. new cousin Rory:

And hang out and ride the subway with our other most favourite cousin Asher:

Where we stayed in the most perfect Brooklyn apartment, all for the price of feeding this furry dictator:

AND spend time with Uncle Matthew and Auntie Bari to whom I officially apologize for the lack of photos featuring either of them.  

We have this gem:

And then we have THESE:
Matthew and Liliane - FACEJUGGLED!

Bari and Rory - FACEJUGGLED!
We laughed until we could laugh no more, friends.  It was an excellent evening.

Oh and after the NYC trip, we had a day an Agricultural Expo outside of Montreal.  

The girls rode horses:

Alice freaked about the COWS, the COWS! MOOOO!

They won prizes:

Liliane rode as many rides as she could:

Aaaaand, we're done.  I didn't take photos of the mini donuts or the homemade chips.  You're welcome.

So!  We're all caught up!

I do have more things to say.  I didn't even mention the whole karaoke story.  You heard me.

But I feel like if you have scrolled this far, you're ready to be done?  Yes?  

We're going camping again this weekend so I'll be back soon. Promise. 


Maguiresaunt said...

Glad you're back! Can't wait for the next installment.

Carolee said...

Wow - that was like the mother lode of updates!! Great pics (love the first one) and a really fun reminder of your time out here. And I'm kind of jealous/exhausted reading about the rest of the time. Whew! Keep 'em coming!

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