Saturday, 14 March 2009

New house? Check!

In the immortal words of Dora the Explorer... We did eet!

The third place we looked at turned out to be the winner. We both loved it immediately and made an offer the same day (last Sunday). Did I mention that we are MOTIVATED to get out of here? Even if we weren't, the price was right, it's all new (2005), it's big (almost 1100 square feet) it's in a great location and there's a WALK-IN closet in the master bedroom. Hello!

Now logically I would post photos of our new condo *here* but we have our inspection tomorrow morning so I'll be bringing the camera so I can get some photos of my own.

Once the inspection is done, we're just waiting for the final OK from the bank (who pre-approved us for WAY more than we will be spending) which we should have on Monday. Then all we have to do is make an appointment with the notary for the signing on June 15th. Oh, and pack.

My super-organized husband booked the movers yesterday. For those of you living outside la belle province, we have a tradition around here of Moving Day on July 1st. Conceived perhaps as the anti-Canada Day, when you rent an apartment, the lease is almost always from July 1st to June 30th. As you can imagine, July 1st is a total free-for-all of moving trucks and blocked streets and all kinds of random stuff left outside on the curb. It's kinda fun when you're 20 and all your friends are helping you and you don't have any nice stuff anyway. Not so much when you're old like us :)

And to add to the fun? Major appliances are rarely included so fridges and stoves must be schlepped from one place to another. Hey, they don't call us a distinct society for nothing!

In the midst of all our house-hunting angst (we had seen two places and already I was despairing that we were trying to find the impossible), my Dad came in for a visit. I managed to stop asking him questions about mortgages and interest rates and square footage long enough to snap a couple of pictures.

Lilane basically ate every meal like this while he was here.

Note the red nose - she was still feeling pretty lousy although she put on a brave front.

In other news, Liliane is back at her regular daycare so no more long-haul with Papa on the metro everyday. Can you hear Stéphane's sigh of relief from your computer?

Check back tomorrow for pix of the new place!

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