Friday, 27 February 2009

Big Stuff

Hey, what up internet? Long time no... nothing­. Two weeks actually. I wish I could say it was because I've been too busy working on something important like a cure for cancer or even canker sores but that's not it.

My blog silence is due to a number of factors. Here they are in order of significance:

1) Since I irreperably broke the Cybershot (on my sock foot, remember??), let's face it, I haven't been taking as many photos. Not having photos makes me insecure about posting since you're all here to see the kid, right?

2) The child is teething. Wake-up-at-all-hours-and-ONLY-falling-asleep-on-Maman-if-we're-on-the-couch-and-definitely-not-in-your-comfy-bed-holy-cow-how-much-Baby-Tylenol-can-she-TAKE teething. To the point where I have found myself wondering lately if a person can DIE from lack of sleep. Not even from the fallout that comes from not sleeping enough like getting run over by a bus that came out of nowhere or falling into an uncovered manhole or dozing off at the wheel or any of those things. Just from not sleeping enough. Thoughts?

3) We are house shopping! Yes indeed, we are looking for a place to buy so that we can move out of our apartment and fast. About three weeks ago, our elderly downstairs neighbour (who actually used to be our landlord, long story but suffice it is say, we are familiar with her trickery)complained about the noise Liliane makes when she runs around. She in fact attempted to shamelessly draw a direct connection between the frequency of her migraine headaches and the level of boisterousness of our 1-year old. I don't know about you guys, but telling my baby to keep it down when she's only 1-YEAR-OLD is not my idea of a good time. It's not my idea of reasonable or SANE actually.

I don't want to get into a big rant about how we're not even here all day long for 5 days out of the week plus it's our home, where do you want her to play, etc, etc, so let's just say that we are SUPER EXTRA MOTIVATED to move on. We have lived here since 1998 and the rent is dirt cheap. Even for Montreal it's dirt cheap. BUT the walls and floors are really like paper. I can hear aforementioned she-devil snoring in the night. Seriously.

ANYWAY, we are now officially addicted to which is how we've been spending most of our evenings. Plus talking to our agent and making plans to look at some places which is what we will do on Sunday! The Baby Guru reminded me to bring my camera so hopefully I will remember and I can post some of our options.

In the meantime, I notice that Liliane is making more of an effort to use a spoon when she eats, but with varying success. Meat and vegetables? Not so much.

This yogurt?

(Also known as delicious ambrosia from heaven it's so good am I dreaming or just delirious from lack of sleep?)


Dexeterity: I haz it.

Note to my Mom: even you would like it, tastes just like the frozen lemon stuff!

So there you have it. While we are working on all this big stuff for the month of March (we'll have to give our notice by April 1st so we're really going for it) I'll try to keep in touch.
Off to eat yogurt. Oh yeah, and get to sleep.


mom said...

Wow - lots going on. House hunting AND a yogurt you like!! Good times! Any chance they have that stuff here, anywhere? Might just have to save that for next time I visit...

Hope there are some sleep-filled nights for you in the near future!

PS ADORABLE pics of the bebe!

Adorn Me jewelry said...
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Adorn Me jewelry said...

Theresa, you were interesting before you had a baby, too, so while Lilli pics are adorable and cool, you're more than great all on your own. :)

Good luck with the house-hunting! Other than the cheap rent, the situation you're in right now sounds like it kind of sucks. When children are older, you can teach them not to run in the house, when you're in an upstairs unit (I had upstairs neighbors one time who used to let their little girl ROLLERSKATE in the house...). When they're Lilli's age, you're right it is impossible, crazy-making and just plain insane.

I look forward to photos of the new place, when you can. Take care, y'all. :c)


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