Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! (Whoa, Keep Scrolling, It's a Long One!)

I had a case of blogger block this week. It happens to me sometimes when I'm catching up on other really well-written blogs that make me feel like, "Gee, I can't write anything cool and witty like Flotsam" or "Gosh, that Amalah sure knows how to sling adjectives" not to mention, "Wow, Linda at All&Sundry writes the best milestone letters to her boys. I clearly don't love my child like she loves hers." And then a little voice in my head says, "Yo, post photos of the kid and it's all good."

The thing is that I would really like to get back to flexing my writer muscles (see, overused metaphor! argg!) so I yearn to bravely author a post of only writing. My thoughts on a subject. A few ideas keep rattling around in my head, kind of like marbles in a tin can - (marginally better imagery) so I will hopefully just do it. And soon.

But in the meantime, I bring you photos! (I can hear your sighs of relief from here you know.)

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I put up a decoration or two:

(This one with the foldy-outy 3-D heart is in honour of my Honey Grandma who taught me that it's not a celebration until you have a foldy-outy 3-D decoration!)

Liliane MADE THIS FOR US today in daycare! Our very first card made by our offspring!
Hey, if parenting has taught me anything, it's that it's all about the little things. Especially if they're handmade :)

Tomorrow Liliane is going to hang out with her grandparents for the afternoon while my Valentine and I go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Then we're all heading out for dinner. In public. Speaking of which, going out for dinner with Liliane these days reminds me of when you see people running marathons and grabbing cups of water and energy bars from the volunteers as they go by. Whatever they succeed to ingest is strictly for nourishment, they don't even break their stride. Plus it's messy. Pretty much sums it up. In case you were wondering, we the parents are the volunteers in this scenario, Liliane is the marathon runner. OK, marathon toddler. Although the messiness extends to anyone within the sphere of our table, so that's flexible.

ANYWAY, here are a bunch of photos from last weekend and possibly the weekend before. It's been extra chilly out here in the hinterland (I only like that word because it sounds like it should mean cold, like winter. ) so we've been hanging out inside...

I got your crazy right here.


Our friends Pierre and Ariel came over for brunch one Sunday and then came back the next week to babysit so Stéphane and I could go see Slumdog Millionaire. Liliane doesn't even notice when we're gone if Pierre is around. I'm not even joking.

It was so great to know that she was having fun with them while we were out enjoying ourselves. Thanks again you two! We are looking forward to one day returning the favour! (wink, wink)

A rare soother-less photo!

We finally figured that we should get some fresh air so we went to the park across the street one weekend when there was lots of snow around and it wasn't super freezing. Hilarity ensued.

Her favourite part was watching the hockey players. Think that's because she's been watching Canadiens games since she was, oh, 2 weeks old?

That brings me to the end of this super-long catch-up post.
Hope your Valentine's Day is a cozy, chocolate-covered, smoochy one!

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mom said...

A delicious post!! Love the pics of L in the chair! And I can't wait to read what you have coming up - you know how I love your writing. Hope you have a wonderful <3's Day!

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