Saturday, 28 March 2009


This is Rose. She just turned one this month. Yay! She's been featured here before.

She and Liliane have had semi-regular playdates for all of their short lives.

Her Mum, my dear friend Julie, and I have decided that they will be the best of friends.

Another example of baby Viking face! (Sorry, inside Thomassen family joke).

Earnest baby conversation.

Rose very sweetly shared all of her playthings.

Liliane shared her Papa and his mad reading skilz.

Liliane, sporting her daring, midriff-baring spring look. Julie seems OK with that.

This is Rose's Gran (Victoria) who was visiting from England last week.
Such lovely girlies, all three.

Not pictured, Rose's other Mummy Joyce who was away in California last week. Hi Joyce! Sorry you missed out on a good visit!
I promised an update like a week ago and never did do it. Liliane has had a wacky few weeks of random waking up at all hours of the wee morning, with the recent addition of barfing just to make it interesting. Did I say interesting? What I meant was COMPLETELY INCONVENIENT. Anyway, I just didn't have it in me last weekend to do much but loll around and try to get some sleep. Oh, and get Liliane some new shoes. Check out these babies:
Her aunt Danielle gave us a gift certificate for Panda at Christmas and we were so happy to use it on these little beauties. Merci beaucoup!
As an interesting side note, the blanket in this photo is currently in the washer due to its close proximity to the spray of aforementioned nocturnal emissions. Too much information? Sorry.
So, back to the new house. Long story short, we're signing on June 5th and taking possession June 18th. The owner of our new place and I had a lovely conversation (no evil agent M lurking in the background) so it was easy to figure out a compromise. They will take care of expenses incurred until the 18th (ie - mortgage payments! gulp!) and we get the satisfaction of knowing that we helped get them out of a tough spot. Done.
Back to the barf for a minute (sorry folks but I have learned that a disproportionately large part of this job revolves around vomit. They don't tell you that in What to freaking Expect, do they?): we decided not to give her a bottle before bed last night thinking that a big ol' belly full of milk can't be good if you're already feeling vomity. Surprise! A puke-free night. She didn't really even mind that the routine had changed, just a little whining for about a half an hour until she conked out. Geniuses that we are, we didn't give her a bottle tonight either! I swear, if she hurls tonight anyway I'll turn in my Mama license but I think we may be on to something here...
So.... that picture I posted of her with Stéphane and her bottle? One of her very last ones. Ever. I think we'll take advantage of this to end the bottles before I wake up one day driving over to her dorm with to replenish her stock of Playtex liners and nipples.
And on that inspiring visual, I will end this post and go celebrate the Earth by turning off the computer. Bonne nuit!


auntie b said...

I cannot get over how big Liliane is now. And Rosie!! What a pair of cuties. Also in love with her cozy blue sweater, wishing it comes in grown up sizes.

maguiresaunt said...

LOVE the shoes Theresa!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the apartment. It's gorgeous! Hope that all the paperwork/packing/moving/settling in goes smoothly.

Jennifer said...

Aww!! Rose is so sweet :-) Glad to see my adorable niece playing so nicely with her friends...not that I though she wouldn't ;-)
Hope the puking is over and high five on ditching the bottles!

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