Sunday, 5 April 2009

Cookie Monster in Training

These photos are actually from last weekend, but we seem to be running about a week behind all around these days. Case in point: I had carefully written TAXES in the spaces in my agenda alloted to this very weekend. It's now Sunday after 10PM and I assure you, not a T-4 in sight. But, given the rhythm of things lately I'm right on schedule - by the time I actually sit down to DO my taxes, it will be NEXT weekend. I may even over-achieve and not get to them until even later! Oooh. Living dangerously is fun.

Anyway... I wanted to make cookies last weekend (this amazing PW recipe incidentally) but couldn't find a quiet moment to do it so I dragged a chair up to the counter and introduced my baby to the joys of baking.

Please ignore her wacky PJ combination. It's a long story. Thank you.

And her bed hair. And my hair to for that matter. I got it cut yesterday. Phewf.

She totally got into it. I mean that literally. I've been cleaning flour out of the kitchen crevices ever since. But she was really interested in everything and had fun getting her hands dirty.

Then I introduced her to the best part of making cookies!

I have seen the light, the light of chocolate shining down on me.

Food show!

I can haz moar?
Delish. Looking forward to doing that again!
UPDATE ON THE BOTTLE SITCH: It's done! No more bottles! Go figure, she didn't throw up anymore in the night once we stopped giving them to her... (insert smack to the forehead here) And it just seemed like a natural time to stop.
UPDATE ON THE SLEEP SITCH: The Baby Guru warned me about the hidden dangers of nighttime activities such as rocking and cuddling when our precious bundles wake up because they're teething. I lived with two weeks of spending a couple of hours (usually from 3-5) with my cranky babe, soothing her back to sleep by lying down on the couch with her (our bed never works for her. I think that's a good thing). After the first 5 nights or so, I raised my haggard face to the heavens to beg for this torture to end only to realize that she wasn't really waking up in pain anymore. She was waking up for cuddles! That's the horror of sleep deprivation. Your BRAIN STOPS WORKING. Anyway, we basically made a pact to let her just cry for a bit when we knew she was otherwise OK and it worked. It was painful, but it worked. Actually, it's painful to realize that you THOUGHT you were comforting your child in pain, but in fact, it's all an evil charade. Hey, betrayal is betrayal! Well, it went down to one wake-up per night for a soother replacement and a little whining then next to nothing last night. Seriously, keep the bedroom doors closed. I think it's the key to sleep success.
UPDATE ON THE HOUSE SITCH: All is well with the new place. Our current landlord however... sigh. Two words: CA-RAZY. She has decided to make our lives decidely unpleasant but we're dealing with it, dignity and sanity intact. So far.
And besides that, we're taking a mini-vacation! Stéphane and I will spend over 48 blissful hours together driving down to Boston this weekend (while Liliane gets the royal treatment at her grandparents') where we will catch a Canadiens hockey game and do a bunch of touristy stuff and stay at a hotel and everything! Can't wait.
OK now it's really too late to even think about taxes. See how easy it is to procrastinate? And I didn't even have to go on Facebook!

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mom said...

So PRECIOUS!!!!! And she's so grown up all of a sudden! Nothing like mother-daughter bonding over chocolate. And those eyes - beautiful!! She'll love these pics when she's older. Glad the no-bottles is working for you, too!

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