Sunday, 15 March 2009

Our New Baby

Let me start by saying that it was a GOR-JUS day here in Montréal. Sunny, clear and warm, almost 10 degrees. The snow is almost completely gone and I could almost believe that that maybe winter was on its way out. Really and truly.

Oh and what a perfect day for a condo inspection! Our guy, Sunny, (who is as manly as can be, don't be fooled by the name), met us at our new condo this morning at 11. Our agent referred us to him because he's good and about $200 cheaper. Which is a good thing when you're talking about a condo that is still under the contracter's guarantee... Plus he delivers his report on the spot, photos inlcuded. Please imagine that I was with the program enough to include a picture *here*. Hi Sunny! How virile you are with your flashlight and clipboard! (Thank you.)

While Sunny was doing his thing, we chatted with the current owners and started to tackle our very important list of 1001 random questions. I put everything I could think of on there from cable hook-up to frequency of spider squashing to taxes. They were super helpful and took our questions very seriously.

Then their agent arrived. Let's call her M. I don't even think we had been introduced before she launched into a "discussion" of how it had all been decided that we would be taking possession of our new place earlier than planned. Much earlier. Like ASAP. Not living there, just taking possession while the current owners would be living there and, oh yes, paying whatever expenses came up. Like our mortgage. Huh??

Our agent was running late so we did our best deer-in-headlights impression which wasn't hard since we were genuinely perplexed. Just a few days ago we had all signed the very official papers wherein we agreed on the price AND the signing date: June 15th. And we were doubly confused because when we made our original offer, Louise got the impression that there may be some negotiating around the possession date since they were starting to get nervous about what kind of place THEY were going to find and when. We said that if they accepted our original offer, we would be willing to get it all done faster, but they chose to take more money and keep the date in June as we proposed. So why exactly was this coming up again?

Louise arrived at the same moment that Sunny was ready to show us around. We got the low down on the three things that he wanted us to show us that weren't problems per se, but things that weren't necessarily regulation. Plus we learned where the main power and water switches were, what the building and structure are made out of, etc. It's actually really interesting.

We also took some time to take pictures! I was trying to listen to the agents talking at the same time so I wasn't really on my game, but here are some attempts:

Bonjour beautiful new kitchen with many many many cupboards and so much lovely counterspace. I hardly know you, but I love you already.

Oh, hi open dining room and living room with fancy light fixture. I love you, too.

Say, nice wooden blinds on the living room windows! They're staying you say? Of COURSE they are.

Well HELLO honey colored real wood floors that don't squeak! I fell for you (ha ha, no bruises!) from the moment I saw you.

Oooh la la! frosty French doors into the bedroom and baby room! Quelle bonne idée!

And you, cement terrace off the master bedroom. Your spaciousness makes my soul sing. Your lack of complex care plus garden hose and drain make my horticultural dreams come true.

Peek-a-boo baby room! Love your two-toned yet neutral green paint! I think we'll be leaving you just the way you are! (Except for the window treatment. Fail.)

I swoon for you digital thermostats that are found in every room. Truly, I do.

And I saved you for last, bathroom with separate bath and shower, for I think you just might be my favourite.

From your sophisticated ceramic tiles to your robin's egg blue wall...

You are cherry on the sundae.

If you haven't seen where we are living now (and have been for the past almost 11 years), you might not realize what a LUXURIOUS PARADISE OF SPACIOUS AND FANCY DECADENCE DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE AND SERVED WITH CHAMPAGNE this place is to us. We're so happy.
Everything is perfect...except for the wee detail of the evil agent trying to change all our plans. Stéphane has already booked the movers (which, as I explained in my last post, is something to be taken very seriously around here) plus we don't even have our final OK from the bank yet (coming tomorrow morning in theory, but we're pre-approved so no need to worry but we're flipping out a little anyway). Our agent told us we have nothing to worry about, we are not obligated to junk up our timeline to accomodate them - especially since we already offered and they chose to take the money instead.
So there you have it. I'll keep you updated as the drama unfolds. We haven't let our landlord know that we're moving yet (waiting to hear from the bank, just in case) so I think once we do that it will really seem real.
A big huge high-five to our friend Pierre who came over to babysit and totally rocked not only playing and diaper changing but also lunchtime, AND she was SLEEPING when we got home. We so owe you guys - so get on the pro-creation, will ya?
Have a great week internet!


maguiresaunt said...

It's beautiful Theresa! LOVE the tub! :o)

Auntie B said...

yay new place! love the kitchen and open LR combo - so much more fun to cook in. only thing is that i didnt see a pic of auntie bari's room...hmm...must be saving it for the next post.

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Fantastic!!! It's beautiful! That agent sounds a little... annoying. But I'm glad you got it straightened out. A few things about the place remind me of our home. I'm so happy for you all. :)

Vanessa Zacharias said...

BEAUTIFUL house!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Finally saw those pictures.
The new place looks lovely.
Can't wait to be invited (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)

Anonymous said...

Theresa, this place is SO NICE!!! Wow! :D No wonder you're so excited. :) Congrats!!

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