Friday, 29 August 2008

A Taste

I really wasn't planning on doing this now, but I had to download all the photos from both of the cameras anyway in preparation for Pierre and Ariel's wedding tomorrow and I just couldn't resist posting a few of these...

This week has been CRAZY - new job, daycare, got rear-ended (Liliane was not in the car, phewf), officially said goodbye to my old work colleagues, went to the Vivafilm party on Tuesday night, stayed late, got a little tipsy, busy getting ready for the big wedding tomorrow (finally found a dress, another phewf), aaaccckkk.

All this to say that I will soon post more trip photos and also have wedding photos as well.

Just so you know, Liliane is so far loving daycare. I cried the first day but I've been OK since. It all feels very natural, like it's the right time.

OK, off to get stuff organized for tomorrow!


Ruth said...

Theresa, you've done the hardest part - letting go - now it's a matter of juggling things and I think you've got a handle on that. Love the first pic it's beautiful it's frame worthy.

susan santos said...

I found the daycare (dayhome for us) thing probably more difficult than Seth did! When he first went he cried and then when the day came when he didn't cry when I left him I BAWLED!
It takes some time to get the work, daycare, home, life schedule going but soon enough you'll be a pro at it. I did a lot of evening prep because I had no time in the morning.
I love seeing your pictures!!

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