Monday, 3 December 2007

Let It Snow...

Well, tonight Stéphane and I were going to have our first night out together (Liliane was going to stay with my friend Colleen and her two girls) but we chickened out. Yes, yes we did. It's too snowy and she just seems too little. What if we get stuck somewhere and she drank up all the milk I pumped and Colleen got stuck for hours with the frantic, screaming version of our baby daughter? All you parents out there (especially Colleen!) are laughing at me, the rookie, but come on, it's the first time!

This is the view from the apartment this morning...

We're expecting about a foot and it's still falling. And windy. Oh well, we'll have our night out soon. She is only going to be 7 weeks old tomorrow after all! This is how cute she looked snoozing this morning. I'm feeling particularly in love with her today because she slept from about 1AM to 7 this morning. 6 hours in a row! Wahoo!

On Saturday our friends Jean-Michel and Laurence came to meet Liliane! Here are two of the about 5000 pictures we took:

They brought her two pairs of adorable Christmas PJs (photos to come) and we had a lovely evening catching up. On Sunday we put some of our Christmas decorations up, although I decided that we wouldn't put up our tree this year since we'll be leaving for Vancouver in a few weeks. (That cheering you hear is Stéphane being grateful to not have to deal with the tree this year.) This is the teeny tiny tree that we put up on the end table instead:

I also had some fun this weekend treating thrush! Just in case you were wondering, thrush is a yeast infection in your breasts that is fairly painful although thanks to the Dr. Sears website, I figured out what it was before it got too bad. Luckily my sister (the baby guru - I call her AT LEAST once a day) had already had one so she told me what to do. Turns out that the cure for thrush is Gentian Violet - a super purple liquid (extrait of said violet) that goes on the nipple and in baby's mouth. It gets everywhere and looks pretty hilarious. Here is Liliane looking like I suddenly started dispensing grape juice:

I'm already feeling better and Lilane isn't any worse for wear - it does come off the skin eventually.

So today has been an inside day (heck, it's 4 and I'm still in my PJs) but when Stéphane gets home, we will all venture out for groceries. Stay warm everyone!

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mom said...

So cozy!! Hope the thrush has 'flown away' now :o)

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