Sunday, 27 May 2007

Warner Bros. studio

On Thursday we drove back into LA (or to Burbank actually) for a VIP tour of Warner Brothers. It was a lot of fun, we saw some really cool stuff.

This the back of Miss Hannigan's orphanage in Annie!!

Upside down kiss in Spiderman I? Right here!

Stars Hollow from the Gilmore Girls which also happens to be the same as River City from the Music Man!

The ER ambulance bay!

Famous cars - Mystery Machine, the Harry Potter flying car and the Batmobile!

In the Batman series, this is where Batman and Robin would run up these stairs to see Comissioner Gordon. They shot it once and used it like 78 times...

Central Perk from Friends!

Once we were done the tour, we drove up as close as we could to the Hollywood sign, then we headed back to Anaheim.

Got to get to bed now but I'll post the photos from Eric's wedding tomorrow. Night night!


Jennifer said...

Next time you go on vacation I am totally going with you . You guys did so much cool stuff. Maybe a big family trip to Disneyland 2010??

Auntie B said...

Holy Crap! Stars Hollow is River City????!!!

Sign us up for '10...apparently there is alot I need to learn.

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