Sunday, 27 May 2007

It's a Girl!

Yes, we found out on Friday that our little bundle of joy is a girl! The technician said that she was 80% sure but, as Stéphane pointed out, any son of his would be CLEARLY a boy, no confusion (wink, wink). It has suddenly become much more real and exciting now. We were putting a lot of things off until after our holiday so now that we're back, we're raring to go. Our apartment looks like a bit of nightmare at the moment because we haven't really put our winter clothes away so they're all piled up along with some things from California that I have unpacked but not found a home for in my office plus our future garage sale pile is growing. It's all part of the plan to streamline and reorganize!

Yesterday we paid a visit to Home Depot to check out the air conditioner situation. We have been renting an air conditioner for the last two years mainly because they take care of installing it AND we don't really have room to store it during the winter. Stéphane convinced me that he felt ready to install one by himself and it would be way less expensive. We got a good one for only $89 on sale and my super handy husband installed it this morning. If you have never been to Montréal in the summer, you can't really understand how important it is to have an air conditioner. And if you know me even a little bit, you can imagine how important it is for ME to have an air conditioner in the bedroom. Especially now that I'm carrying another hot little person!

The other fun thing that happened at Home Depot is that I found a rug that works for our living room. Not only is it exactly the color of our couch, but I got it for $59! So funny that Matthew and Bari found a rug also this weekend! We must be having good carpet karma :)
Time to break for dinner. I'll post more vacation photos later tonight.

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