Friday, 11 June 2010

If This Was Jeopardy, This Post Would Be Potpourri

First things first. I am happy to announce that I am officially famous. Oh yes, it's my time to shine, I finally MADE IT, I am ready for my close-up Mr. deMille, I- huh?

Sorry, I may have gotten a little carried away by the size of my EGO. It's famous now after all so it needs more space.

If you missed my soul-baring interview on the ISpy website, you can read it here. Now please go peel me a grape.

OK, back to reality. Which at this moment, thanks to our new iMac, looks a lot like this:
Not shown: my pajamas, empty cup of coffee and crazy long list of things I should be doing. Although I think the caffeine crazy in my face kind of speaks for itself, no? And the soundtrack? Season ender of Glee songs. Even that overused version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow gets me every time. Finn+Rachel 4 evah.

Continuing along the theme of stream of consciousness.... My friend Paola (who is a brilliant Twitter-er-er-er, follow her and her squirrel/TV show producer issues here) sent me this:
Ha ha ha ha ha! Spelling issues aside, I love it.

Oh, and these are photos I meant to post in my home improvement segment last week. Liliane got some fancy blinds thanks to our dear friend André. A big time improvement over the blanket that used to hang here:
Fab. Love it. So happy.

Remember I said waaaay back in my last post that we went to the Eco-Musée? Here are those photos. They look a lot like the first time we went in 2008 except Liliane has quadrupled in size.

Remember this?

Yeah, a little different now:

(Thank you for ignoring the ROLLS on my NECK. Cardio class here I come!)

The animals were kinda the same, although Stéphane had a good time shooting with our fancy long lens:

We did not get a picture of our picnic lunch afterwards which was actually the nicest part of the day! It was hot and ONE of us was cranky:

But she was getting over being sick AND she peed in the public bathroom with relatively little fuss so we forgive her.

Moving on to yet another subject... Our friends Julie and Joyce, parents to Liliane's best friend Rose had another baby! They were actually going to come with us to the Éco-Musée but ended up staying home at the last minute because, well, Joyce was IN LABOUR.

Turns out it was worth missing the zoo because this little boy came into the world:

Samuel Joe arrived on May 25th and has been feeding ever since!

Officially the only thing cuter in that household, Sam's big sister:

We're so happy that our girls play together so well...

Which means good times for us Mamas! (Which we spent mainly taking photos...)

Holy cow, could I have run out of random photos to post and subjects to address?

This blog post has been brought to you by my longtime friend PROCRASTINATION. My brother and SIL and yummy nephew are arriving sometime tonight for the weekend and I have the whole day off to get stuff organized and to clean. It is now noon and as you may have noticed from the photo up, up, waaaaay up (name that Canadian kids' TV show!) at the top of this epic entry, I'm not actually dressed. But hey! I blogged! And answered emails! And drank coffee!

To close, I will share with you that my beloved Grandmother is currently in the hospital after having a fall earlier this week. Thankfully she doesn't have any broken bones, but there is bleeding on her brain and although she's as sweet and cute as ever, she's not herself. And at 90 years old, chances are she won't ever be quite the same. My sister Jennifer has been at her side for the last few days and keeps me updated on her progress. She makes me smile when she asks Grandma to tell her about her favourite granddaughter who is also named Jennifer!

I don't know if God's plan to bring her home anytime soon but I know I'm (selfishly) not ready for that.
My Uncle Darrel brings Grandpa down to sit with her which always makes her a little more cheerful. He and my aunt Jeannette are pretty much running a shuttle service back and forth.

Someone has to pretty much sit with her all the time as she cheerfully insists on pulling her IV out and would dearly love to remove her catheter if she could.

Please pray for me and for our whole family as we come to terms with what seems like a bleak situation. I can see why God would want her in Heaven, but we need to keep her for a little longer, okay?

Now I officially have to get going. Hope to be back, dressed and in my right mind sometime before the end of summer ;)

Wait! One last thing: am currently hunting down running shoes for my Cardio Class starting at the end of the month. They should also be good for my daily walk to and from work and not cost a mint. Any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments!


Vanessa Z. said...

Awesome post, as always!! LOVE the pictures of you and L!
Praying for your Grandma... John's Grandpa recently suffered a fall at 84 years old and broke his leg. We thought for sure that he was going to his home in the sky, but he pulled through incredibly! Then last week my Grandpa had a stroke, and miraculously recovered! Here's to hoping that your Grandma is back with her hubby soon too!

Jaime said...

Canadian television show = the Friendly Giant!

(I bet you weren't expecting me to get that one)

Anonymous said...

Whaddaya mean, my squirrel 'issues'...?

Paola :-p

susan said...

You totally are famous! And I can say I know you, like from WAY back!! :-) Excellent article!

Praying for your grandma & your family.

ps. Didn't notice the neck rolls, I was in awe of Liliane's hair! I have hair envy as Isabelle's hair seems to be growing at a snails pace!! (although I've finally put pig tails in her hair! Yes!! She's nearly two!! *sigh*)

Wendy said...

Love your wit and wisdom as always, Theresa. If your To-do list is anything like mine, it can wait - keep enjoying life! Sad about your Grandma... but so nice to hear she is still cheerful. I will pray for your family.

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